We all know How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Kate Hudson, a "how-to" writer for a magazine, sets out on a mission to make all the classic mistakes girls can make while dating in an effort to discover how you can truly lose a guy in 10 days. However, *spoiler alert* things take a turn when the guy she picks as her target actually has a bet of his own going on. His deal is he must keep a girl for at least ten days. Uh oh! 

While Kate Hudson had a fairy tale ending... most of us college girls don't. The "hook--up" culture is very much real. And the goal? "They have to prove that they're not emotionally attached to their sex partners, and in fact that they care less than the other person," an NPR article reports. In thinking about how one can successfully manipulate the hook-up culture, I found it easier to discover what one shouldn't do. 

If you're looking to lose your college hook-up in 10 days... here are a few pointers. 

1. Ask to get breakfast in the morning.

Ah, nothing like being spotted together in the cafeteria the next day. If that doesn't scream "we might start dating", I don't know what does! Careful, the guy may run and that'll only result in spilled coffee. 

2. Catch up with him during the week.

Sober lunch? Hard pass. The unspoken rules of a college hook-up are just that... unspoken. Minimal talking, in fact. So, keep the chit chat to a minimum and just stick to those drunken nights. 

3. Try to kiss him in public.

Yikes! Doesn't matter if you're drunk, but it's definitely worse if you're sober. PDA to a minimum, c'mon you guys aren't even exclusive! 

4. Bring up your family.

Or, better yet, bring up that your family wants to visit you and you'd love for him to meet them #homesweethome. 

5. Give him an STD.

Now this is just rude. Everyone should practice safe sex, and more importantly should be aware of their own health. It's only safe. 

6. Try to define your hook-up.

Game over! Actually, if you even elude to being exclusive you're more likely to lose him in five days, not ten. 

7. Make a pass at one of his friends.

Not a great jealous tactic. It could workout well... until the moment you're actually getting with his friend and your "flirting only" plan went to sh*t. 

8. Call him the wrong name.

In your defense it is a new hook-up! But after you make this mistake, it's gonna be an old hook-up. 

9. Tell him you miss him. 

That "wish you were here" snap is never a good idea... Stage five clinger alert... abort!! 

10. Any form of "Love"

That goes for "I love you," "I loved last night," and even "I love Tom Brady". Just don't say it. 

On a serious note, these are only for those first few stages of getting to know someone (or for some of us, hooking up). If you make it past ten days, I have a lot of faith in you. Good luck girls!