Have you ever felt that horrid burning sensation on your shins that feels like they're going to rip off? Shin Splints are the cause of nearly 35% of running injuries. Damn, that's a lot. In order to avoid getting shin splints, I found that these six tricks have worked for me. So let's relieve this nagging pain. 

1. The Magical Marshmallow Roller

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Sydney Hockett

If you do not have one of these tools, and you suffer from shin splints or any sore muscles, it is time to invest. As soon as you feel that lower leg starting to burn, start rolling away at it immediately. The muscles lining the bone in your shin are enflamed and agitated, and this roller releases the tension and lactic acid that builds up, allowing the muscle to relax.

The roller looks like a bunch of marshmallows on a stick and comes in various sizes making it versatile and portable and you can find it on Amazon.

2. Channel Your Inner Puppy

Sydney Hockett

Time to confiscate one of the thousands of tennis balls your dog has hidden around the house (preferably before they have slobbered all over it). If you do not have a marshmallow roller, a tennis ball is a great substitute.

Roll the ball up and down your shins to have the same effect as the roller and loosen up your shins. This process doesn't feel pleasant, but afterwards it feels better. Try putting the tennis ball in the freezer for a few hours prior to using it for more soothing feeling.

#SpoonTip: Try a lacrosse ball if you really want to get a deep massage

3. Ice, Ice Baby

Sydney Hockett

Relieve your poor muscles by numbing them up for awhile. After applying heat, switch elements to give your shins the full treatment. Icing your muscles reduces inflammation. Fill up two large ziplock bags and place them directly on your shins while watching tv, studying, or doing any sedentary activity.

4. Mummy Wrap

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Sydney Hockett

If you really must play soccer, run on the treadmill, or do anything that you know will further initiate the fiery pain in your shins—athletic tape can be your new best friend. Shin splints can be extremely painful because the muscles are tight and are pulling away from your bone. If you put strips of tape across your shins, it can help hold that muscle in place and reduce the pain while you play.

#SpoonTip: Do not wrap the tape all the way around your calves—it will cut off your circulation.

5. Stretch, Stretch and Stretch Again

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Sydney Hockett

The best way to consistently relieve pain in your shins is to stretch. Sit on your feet and push your body up so that you feel a nice stretch on the front of your shins. It will feel like hell is being raised on your shins, but it will loosen those muscles and bring them back down to the bone.