Now that it's slowly getting warmer here in New York City, it is time to start prepping for the flowy sundresses, flashy shorts, and — dare I say it—bikinis (and swimsuits)! Social media features different ways to get the "perfect bikini body" — from juice cleanses to diets. But most of these options are time, money, and physically demanding/draining, and could be dangerous too. Here are three easy steps instead:

1. Buy/pick out a bikini.

Pick any bikini you want! Although some say that certain swimsuits fit best with particular body types, who actually cares! Pick one that you think is cute, ridiculous, extravagant, or comfortable. Knock yourself out! The choices are (almost) endless, from bikinis, monokinis, one pieces, and more.

2. Wear that bikini.

Casual reminder: you are allowed to wear a bikini whether or not you just burned off that freshmen 15, had a baby, treated yourself to a load of desserts, finished all your workout sets, or just woke up bloated. Who/what even decides who can and who cannot wear the two small pieces of clothing, other than yourself?

3. Admire yourself. Go out and Have fun. Enjoy your summer.

A "bikini body" is a body with a bikini on it. Wear whatever you want that will help you enjoy the beautifully warm, sunny season. Summer only comes once a year, and the only thing that should hinder you from enjoying the sun is the weather. Wear whatever and do whatever you want — take advantage of Summer and all of its glory.

The concept of a "bikini body" and "bikini season" is just a marketing strategy that involves promoting the exceedingly narrow, unattainable standard of beauty, designed to exploit insecurities and promote ridiculous and false images of women and their bodies. There's nothing wrong with trying to be healthy, but remember: every body type is beautiful.