No time is better than the present to fight for what you believe in and to get involved. There is so much beauty in working towards how you want to see the world, and becoming part of something with your same mission is the easiest and best way to get on your way to changing the world.

My Story

I am a third year Computer Science major with a plan to change the world and how it works, but I have always doubted how far I can get from behind a computer screen. This brought me to Spoon. I have always loved writing and connecting with people, and even though the messages I aim to convey are ultimately just words, I really do feel empowered writing about the things I truly find important - fitness and mental health. But within the fields of STEM (science - technology - engineering - math), I have always found a discrepancy between how STEM is sold and how I feel being a part of it.

You don't need me to tell you that STEM is a male dominated field, but you do need to hear how it makes us females in STEM feel. I liken it to a rollercoaster - you feel empowered and strong that you are pursuing your goals and refusing to cower under pressure, but you can also feel weak under the expectations without appropriate support. Luckily, I had that support through my family, but it's an aspect many women unfortunately lack, and thus they get weeded out of the field. But I, along with a team of eight other strong brilliant women, are working to change this norm and flip the negative statistics of women in STEM.

I'm part of a non-profit organization called Push.  Our mission is to motivate, inspire, and create a community of strong aspiring engineers and STEM professionals. The target audience is minorities and women, people who yearn to feel empowered in STEM. I am in charge of social media, the platform we use to inspire women to acknowledge their beauty, brilliance, and badassery. It's all about spreading the word and educating people on the importance of diversifying the STEM world. Just because these current conditions are present now does not mean that they have to stay the same.  

Our movement of passing the M.I.C. is one movement among many, but each movement takes its own approach. And every organization starts with a simple idea backed by passion. The only thing that can hold you back is you. Believe in your own capabilities and power, and manifest that power to become something greater.  Not fighting for what you believe in is an injustice to not only your community but also to yourself. 

Go take on the world, make a change, and cause a disruption (peacefully!). When inspiration strikes, look into the organizations near you or look into starting your own, and never doubt that every person has the power to change the world.