Some of us have had the unfortunate luck of hearing the dreaded words from the dentist: "You need braces." I heard it in high school and was shocked. I never thought I would need them, but when I did, I decided to go with Invisalign. Wearing Invisalign was painful and awkward, but it did more than just fix my teeth. 

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a set of custom-made clear aligners that are worn over the teeth for the whole day. Over a certain period of time the aligners will slowly shift your teeth and correct them (I had to wear mine for 18 months). As your teeth and mouth change, so will the shape of your aligners. 

Wearing Invisalign was a totally new experience for me, and while I struggled with this different and painful experience, I also noticed some more positive changes in my lifestyle. 

I Drank More Water 

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Lauryn Lahr

Invisalign aligners are plastic and sensitive, so my orthodontist explained to me that I could not eat or drink anything besides water while I wore my aligners. No tea, soda, juice — nothing. This would stain the aligners and actually trap sugar under them, which could create cavities. Because of this, I drank a ton of water, and lowered my intake of juices and sodas immensely.

I Snacked On Junk Food Less

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Maria Clemente

In order for my teeth to actually correct themselves, I needed to wear my Invisalign for the whole day. The longer I wore my aligners, the more effective they would be. The only times I could take the aligners off were to eat the three standard meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eating anything while wearing Invisalign could create potential damage.

Now, I am a snacker. I snack when I'm bored, hungry, tired, etc. However, taking off my aligners, rinsing them, and then washing them before I put them back on just to eat a cookie was such an annoying process that I just became super lazy and decided to stop snacking altogether. 

I Lost Weight 

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Denise Uy

Not everyone will agree that this is a beneficial consequence, but because I drank mainly water and stopped eating all those sugary snacks — leading to a great decrease in food and calorie intake — I lost a lot of weight

After Invisalign

I thought that wearing Invisalign would last forever, but in just 18 months, I was able to take my aligners off and was free to eat and drink whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Fortunately, I was able to stick with my new eating and drinking habits, and I became a healthier person altogether. I became more conscious about what and when I was eating.

Now, I'm not saying that once someone gets Invisalign, he or she will be destined live a healthier lifestyle. But I did, and I am enjoying the positive effects that came from wearing my aligners. And, I am very grateful for that painful but positive experience.