Tired of spending double the amount of time in the shower due to shaving? Razor burns got you down? Many women have resorted to other shaving products, such as Nair. Nair is a chemical based hair removal used as a substitute to your pink razor. 

Although this may seem to be a quick and easy solution to getting rid of hair, there are some cons that come along with it. Here are some things you might want to watch out for the next time you ditch the pink razor. 

Skin Irritation 

Due to the chemicals in Nair, this hair removal product may not be the answer to everyone's shaving prayers. If you have sensitive skin, Nair may not be the product for you.

Depending on how long it is kept on your body and your level of sensitivity, different levels of irritation may show up on your skin. These range from burns, to tingly sensations, and rashes to redness, so Nair is definitely something you don't want to mess with if you're already skeptical about it or if you have super sensitive skin.

#SpoonTip: If you have tried Nair and found that you may be getting irritations, use aloe vera gel to soothe. 

Chemical Burns

Yeah, razor burns suck don't they? Now imagine chemical burns. If Nair is left on for too long, it can burn your skin. Although the symptoms can be small like redness and forming blisters, it can get as severe as vomiting, dizzines, fainting, and weakness.  

Who would go through all the trouble just to get rid of some prickly hair?

Some Pre-Lathering Instructions You Should Consider Before Diving In

It is recommended to test try Nair on a small patch on your arm before going for your whole thigh. If redness or irritation occurs then you know the product isn't for you (and you may want to continue to monitor the area to make sure it doesn't get worse). 

Did your test area work? Then I guess Nair might just work for you. Don't go crazy and rush to the bikini area, as it might be best to take your time-- the last thing you want is a burn down there.  

Of course, always consult your doctor if any irritations or burns start to get out of control. If Nair isn't your next best friend, the little pink razor will always have your back (and legs, underarms, and bikini line).