The word is getting around that mental health is an important thing to discuss seriously. Some people don't have the resources to go to therapy or the right people already in their lives to talk to, so they find some form of an outlet to take things off their mind. Regardless of the case, when anyone feels down, we can always use a pick-me-up, which is where this mood boosting playlist comes in.

Song #1: No Promises (feat. Demi Lovato) by Cheat Codes 

While most people know Demi Lovato to be a star on the Disney Channel, she re-appears on this upbeat song from Cheat  Codes. The main reason that this song is mood boosting is because of its tune.

Song #2: Champagne & Sunshine (Ellusive Remix) by PLVTINUM

Similar to the previous song mentioned, Champagne & Sunshine (Ellusive Remix) not only has a catchy tune, but the lyrics are relaxing to listen to. Besides, who wouldn't want to live a life like Kylie Jenner's while being surrounded by sun and booze at all times?

Song #3: On & On by Cartoon

Sometimes, life feels like it keeps going on and on, which is the main point of this song. It's mood boosting because of all of the sound effects that it uses. They're all smooth to listen to, but not obnoxious. 

Song #4: Back To You by Anki

Back To You by Anki is mood boosting because the lyrics are subtle and relatable. The different sound waves that are used remind me of watching the waves crash down at the beach, which is relaxing. 

Song #5: Stay Down by Ricky Mears

Ricky Mears does a great job making you feel as if you're on top of the world, which will help boost your mood, because it provides you with an empowering set of lyrics with supporting sound waves.

Song #6: Bleeding Love by ASTR

If ASTR was good at one thing and one thing only, it would be making catchy songs that can be sung along to without sounding obnoxious. Bleeding Love is mood boosting because it's saying that no matter what battles you may be fighting out of either your passion for something or because life happens, it'll all get better - so never forget that. 

Song #7: Lady (Hear Me Tonight) by Black Caviar

The sole reason that this song is mood boosting is because of the fact that the lyrics are a bunch of non cliche compliments that anyone would want to hear - and usually, compliments are mood boosting. 

Song #8: Omen - Radio Edit by Disclosure

Omen by Disclosure is mood boosting because of its song title and its supporting lyrics. An omen is a major event that occurs in one's life but no matter what, there'll always be that light in the dark that pulls through and boosts our mood.

Song #9: Circles by Audien

In this song by Audien, he does a great job at using a beat that's peppy and doesn't bring negative vibes. Getting rid of those negative vibes helps with boosting your mood.

Song #10: Hunter by Galantis

Hunter by Galantis will boost your mood since it's catchy and will make you feel like you can conquer whatever life throws at you.

Song #11: Thinking About You by Hardwell

Thinking About You by Hardwell is the most relatable song on this playlist. The sound waves transition well from one to another and make me wish that I was dancing on top of a table at the moment. 

Song #12: Toothbrush by DNCE

Toothbrush - it's popular, kind of similar to Cake By The Ocean, and will boost your mood by reassuring you that any insecurities that you may have will pass and that you're better than you give yourself credit for.

Song #13: Desert Of Mirages by Sage The Gemini

Desert Of Mirages is mood boosting because of the scene that it discusses within the song.

Song #14: The Universe - Radio Edit by Lush & Simon

The final song on this playlist known as The Universe is mood boosting because it creates a sense that life is promising, which is great for those moments when we're in doubt of how things are going.

To listen to the playlist in full, click here.