Healthy Snacking at college is never easy! One is always running late of assignments, and then there are many classes to attend, and further add the rigours of a healthy social life to shape up your personality. Between so much that is going around, it is hard or rather impossible to maintain healthy food habits and eventually leads you missing your hostel food and end up eating that delicious pizza, ready and delivered in 30 mins, that too right outside your dorm gates.

As promoting a healthy lifestyle is something that is always on the top of our heads, we have a few tricks in the bag-

1. Instead of eating that calorie strewn bag of chips, go for a platter of fresh fruits. They are no doubt more healthy and vitamin rich, and also help you ward off fatigue and help you slog through the tedious hours.

2.  Always make it a point to eat your mess food for at least five days a week. The food is prepared in mind keeping your requirements and usually pack the requisite amount of the roughage, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins.

3. Opt for a glass of freshly pressed Juice instead of the sugar-laced sodas. Carrot juice is ruling the roost this season, with their high Vitamin-A content to keep your eyes in their pink, plus relinquishing your thirst at the same time!

4. For late night cravings, the easiest thing you can make(except for Maggi) is sprouts. They are relatively easy to make and pack in a protein and dietary fibre, apart from other minerals and can help you function efficiently through the day.

5. I know cheese is bae, but there comes a time when we need to let them go. Replace those cheese burgers with fresh salads. You can find amazing chicken/ veg salads inside our campus at Wrapchik and Hot Express at Cos complex.

6. If you don't want to pave down the healthy road entirely and still want to munch on that bag of chips late at night then a better alternative would be to have popcorns. They pack in relatively less calories and qualify as light eat. You can buy flavoured popcorns online from the crunch box. Our personal favourite is Smokey BBQ.

7. If you miss your breakfast, instead of opting for Maggi, go for some boiled eggs( which you can find right outside the campus) or eat a vegetable sandwich with brown bread and a glass of chocolate milk at Amul.

 I hope this article helped you make better and healthy food choices and, you finally get the beach body you always deserved.

May the 'food' be with you!