If you're struggling to decide on a design for your graduation cap or just want to bask in the glow of others' creativity before carrying out the decorations you've already picked, this round-up will hit the spot. Courtesy of graduates around the United States, here's a round-up of the coolest graduation cap ideas on the 'gram, like...

1. These Glittered-Out Gems

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Olivia Clifton

East Carolina University seniors Rachel (left) and Kaitlyn (right) chose a shiny approach to graduation. Rachel's cap is adorned with glitter paint and text, while Kaitlyn chose stickable stones. Congratulations, ladies! 

2. This Eye-Opening Statement

Decorated with UNCW's school colors, teal and yellow, senior Hailey Black chose to display what most other students also have hanging over their heads (ha, literally): crippling debt! One of the quickest graduation cap ideas, simple fabric paint and some dotting tools did the trick here. 

3. This Punny Approach

At first glance, Yoshiko Guck's cap looks like Van Gogh's Starry Night, but take another look. This design took acrylic paints and hella dedication. Also, isn't it totally sweet that this grad included her mom and dad on the side of her cap? 

4. The One with the "Friends" Reference

Each episode name of epic '90s show "Friends" begins with "The One Where..." It's likely that watching this show helped this graduate wind down after a long study session. Created by artist Kassandra Camilla Reyes with fabric-safe paints and a steady hand, this cap includes the peep-hole from Monica's apartment door, plus the graduate's Greek letters and a tribute to their parents. Aw. 

5. A Smart, Strong, College-Educated Woman

Tina's original quote is, "I"m a smart, strong, sensual woman," but what's sensuality compared to graduating freakin' college? This graduate, Gina, put an educated spin on Tina's quote and pasted a print-out of her signature awkward "twerk" (if you can call it that?) between the words. 

6. Yoncé All On Your Cap Like....

This is bad ass. Can you imagine walking across the stage at graduation with Beyoncé watching over you? This graduate is living the dream. Created by @craftylettersbymari for a graduating sorority sister, this cap features Queen B herself made of scrapbook paper, adorned with real chain pieces for jewelry, and holding a diploma. 

7. This Simple, Yet Inspiring Quotation 

This cap, made by future graduate Emily features minimal decoration, but it gets the point across...and probably weighs less than most of the caps above, which is a plus if you're worried about keeping your cap secure during the ceremony. With stick-on lettering and sparkle, this cap is sure to stand out amongst the heavily-bedazzled heads in the crowd. 

8. A Tribute to Moana, Disney's Newest Princess

Disney's Moana premiered a few months ago, becoming a favorite of children and adults alike. In the movie, Moana sings about going beyond where anyone from her island has gone before: "If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me, one day I'll know — there's just no telling how far I'll go!" Here's hoping that this graduate discovers everything she imagined and more across that horizon. 

9. This Personalized Potter Map

Instagrammer @creativeincleveland put a personalized spin on the Marauder's Map. Instead of the Hogwarts campus, this cap features Ohio State University's hand-sketched layout, complete with footprints and the classic "Mischief Managed" quotation in the center. It's not the Sorting Hat, but it'll do, right? 

10. This Springtime Explosion

Courtesy of New Hue Paintings on Instagram, this gorgeous cap boasts a colorful painting of a growing tree with bright leaves. If it's in your budget, sending your graduation cap out to a professional artist or talented friend can be a great option for making sure that your cap is something you can be proud of on graduation day. 

So, there you have them, the coolest graduation cap ideas on Instagram, just in time for your big day.