It's impossible to avoid the yoga trend these days. The more basic are hot, restorative, aerial, and meditative yogas. Now there's options like rage yoga and even metal yoga, leaving no shortage of variety when it comes to yoga classes.

Yoga is a great way to turn off your brain for a bit and focus on your body, but now it's a way to hang out with some baby goats.

Yoga and animals are very close to most of our hearts, and it’s surprising no one thought of the brilliant idea any sooner. Thankfully, the day has come. Goat yoga exists and it is every fitness and animal lover’s dream come true.

What Is It?

Goat yoga is exactly what you’d expect: yoga with baby goats running around while you're attempting to stay in already impossible poses. I mean, chaturanga is hard enough as it is. Have you ever tried it with a baby goat balancing on your back? Although having baby goats running around everywhere may be distracting, people are more than excited to take part in it.

The entire point behind goat yoga is that the kids are therapy animals and help make the experience of yoga even more therapeutic than it already is. Studies have shown that therapy animals are proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels, and yoga has been proven to do the same. Combining the two seems a bit bizarre, but it honestly makes sense. 

How did this happen?

Lainey Morse is the mastermind behind it all. She owns a farm in Oregon and always dreamed of owning goats, a solid dream if you ask me. Eventually, someone suggested to her that she teach yoga classes outside. Morse would only do it if her goats could join, and thus, goat yoga was born.

Although the goats are a distraction, Morse encourages her students to accept it and play with the kids. The zen, meditative silence you'd expect from a typical yoga class, is completely taken over by the sound of clacking hooves and laughter.

Try It Out for Yourself

More yoga studios have begun to add yoga classes as the trend continues to spread. Studios on the east coast in New Hampshire and Massachusetts have hopped on the goat yoga trend and openings are filled within just minutes.

You may have to wait a while before trying it out since waiting lists have hundreds, Morse's studio even has more than 1000 of eager yogis. But if you ask me, planking while surrounded by baby goats is most certainly worth the wait.