I was on a bloodthirsty research mission on how to get free stuff/receive money while doing as little as possible. Website after website came up about taking surveys, using a certain search engine, or receiving cash back when at the grocery store, yada yada yada. The only thing is, it would take years to see any actual progress and at some point, I started to get puh-retty frustrated. 

Why couldn't an ordinary student with some free time on her hands and without a car, just earn some money?

So after scrolling and scrolling through searches, there it was: the perfect solution by the name of Sweatcoin.

What is it? 

Sweatcoin is an app that has a specific algorithm to count the number of steps the user walks/runs outside. Every 1,000 steps are equivalent to 1 Sweatcoin, which is then accumulated to count towards earning a variety of prizes that range in monetary value.

Side note: The app counts all of your steps inside and outside, but only the outside steps are used for coins.

Irene Hwang

Some offers require 5 coins while the most extravagant demands 20,000. (By the way, the algorithm prevents cheating like strapping your phone to your dog so you can't beat the system.)

Sounds cool right?

You're probably wondering what exactly these offers are, so here's an example—all the offers that were listed for 7/15/18.

1. 5 Coins- Free Subscription to a 4-week online fitness program (worth $26)  

2. 5 Coins- 60% of all tops for the Leah Kirsch brand

3. 30 Coins- Free PureLyft Clean Caffeine Energy Stick Pack (worth $7.99) w/  $3 shipping and handling

4. 1000 Coins- Free VICI Leather Cardholder (worth $29) w/ $4.5 shipping and handling

5. 20,000 Coins- $1,000 Delta Airways Holidays Giftcard

6. 20,000 Coins- $1000 PayPal Cash 

7. 20,000 Coins- Free iPhone 8 

8. 20,000 Coins- Free Curved Samsung TV

9. 3,650 Coins- Nike $50 Gift Card

10. 3,650 Coins- $67 Cash Voucher in Xbox Microsoft Store

11. 3,650 Coins- $50 Forever 21 Gift Card

Once you have enough coins, click on the offer which has a description of the item and directions for making it finally yours! 

There are ups and downs to this app. For instance, mostly the smaller offers are accessible to non-athletes while marathon runners have a serious chance of obtaining the bigger prizes.

A cool perk is that you can send Sweatcoins to another user if your friend needs just a little bit more to get that offer before it disappears.

So Now What?

Sweatcoin is a pretty popular app, and is gaining even more popularity since their launch in 2016. There are continual updates from the co-founders with new improvements that they are striving to make for their users. 

Sweatcoin co-founder Derlyatka stated, "We are a really powerful tool for the government and healthcare system to motivate citizens to be more active and as a result save more money."

Well, now that you realize you can not only snag some free merch, what are you going to do? 

Are you going to spend your days on Google with variations of the search, "how to get free stuff" or are you goi-