To say that coffee fuels the mornings of university students across the country is an understatement. Our mutual dependence on the caffeinated beverage has led to massive Starbucks bills, acid reflux, and much more than a sleepless night or two.

But what if you could save time and energy in the morning by combining two necessary routines to wake us up into one? What if you could combine your shower time with your coffee time, making for an even more efficient morning and a greatly energized day? It's time to put plans into action, and efficient mornings can't get any better than coffee soap.

... Coffee Soap?

Yes, it's a thing. Surely you've seen coffee scrubs and other exfoliants, as it's a great natural alternative to chemically-infused exfoliants we try to steer away from. Coffee soap is a bit different in that it is used in place of your favorite bar soap or body wash, leaving your skin clean, soft, and caffeinated.

Where Can I Get It?

Several up-and-coming coffee soap companies are permeating the shower scene. These brands include Zum Bar, SheaMoisture, and KalaStyle. In addition, shops like Easy are home to a plethora of sellers with organic, chocolate-infused, and even goat milk varieties to fit all your coffee soap needs.

How Can I Make It?

If you don't want to commit to buying these bars of wonder just yet, consider making one to try for yourself. There's a really great recipe from PopSugar with only four ingredients. If you want to go the more sustainable route, have your hand at this recipe, and this recipe is perfect if you want your soap to "exude manliness".

This just goes to show how the integration of food and self-care is becoming an ever-more popular trend. Beauty doesn't have to be expensive; a lot can happen if you just get a little creative.