Ever wonder if there are any fun fitness ideas around Furman? Lucky for you, the Greenville area has a variety of exercise that will keep you fit while having fun.

If you are anything like me, exercise is the enemy. I would rather sit in my dorm room watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians for 10 hours straight than walk my butt to the Physical Activity Center for some quality time with the treadmill.

After experimenting with some different workout classes in Greenville, I have come to the realization that there IS a way to make fitness fun. I know....I had a hard time believing it too. 

Here are 7 ideas of fun fitness around Furman University. It is time to get off the couch and kick fitness's butt, while having fun too!

1. 9 Rounds

Located right off campus, 9 Rounds is a thirty minute kickboxing class that contains 9 different three minute stations. By buying a package, 9 Rounds provides you with your very own boxing gloves, hand wraps and heart monitor.

The best part? There are no specific class times, so you can stop in and kick some booty anytime you please. You are greeted with a friendly trainer to help you meet your fitness goal. 

Try your free trial at 9 Rounds, and I promise you will be feeling like a bad a$$ in no time!

2. Cycle Bar

Imagine this: dim lights, loud music and peddling as a group to the beat. Located in downtown Greenville, Cycle Bar provides you with a 45 minute energetic, indoor cycling class.

Special shoes provided, leave your ride feeling accomplished and energetic. This experience feels more like a party than a workout class. 

3. OrangeTheory

If you are really ready to be a fitness phene, OrangeTheory is for you. Located on Woodruff Road, this hour long interval training will have you burning 500-1000 calories per workout.

These sessions will help everyone meet their fitness goals. Stop in for your first free class to see if this is the workout program for you!

4. Furman PAC Classes

Dahlen Mitzalis

Balling on a budget? For 30 dollars a semester, Furman provides a variety of classes every week in the Physical Activity Center.

Furman provides yoga, pilates, Zumba, aqua fitness, and more. Check out the class schedule here!

5. Bike the Swamp Rabbit Trail

Enjoy the fresh air and be active by bike riding the Swamp Rabbit Trail through Travelers Rest. Grab a biking pal, and rent a bike from the Furman PAC for free! 

6. Mountain Goat 

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Caroline Ingalls

Ever think about trying rock climbing? Not only is it challenging, it is a great full body workout for strength and cardio.

The best part of this place is that when it is not open to the public, it is a non-profit program for at-risk students through climbing and mentoring. 

Stop in between 3-9 PM on weekdays, 12-8 PM on Saturdays or 12-6 PM on Sundays to see if rock climbing is the exercise for you. 

7. Hike Paris Mountain

Jessie Daley

On a nice day, become one with nature by grabbing a group of friends and hiking Paris Mountain. We are so lucky to have such beautiful hiking grounds right in our backyard!

Hiking is great for your mental health and physical health.

Now that you know there are fun fitness ideas around Furman, there are no excuses! Shut off Kim K and put on those sneakers!!  Your future beach bod is waiting for you.