How many of you have 8 am classes and live fifteen minutes off campus? I know you do! Most of us tend to skip the most important meal of the day or grab a boring granola bar. There are so many options to take with you walking to class or to prep and eat in class because honestly, professors don’t mind when you're in a 500 person lecture! Here are some easy breakfasts to make when you're in a rush and on-the-go in the morning.

1.  Overnight Oats 

Love oatmeal? Make your life a little easier and prep these the night before for a grab and go breakfast in the morning. 

All you need is: 

Rolled Oats

1 cup of almond milk

Added spices, fruit, or nut butter of your choosing

Mix the rolled oats and the milk in a portable jar. When you wake up you will be left with a thick consistency. I love to add berries and almond butter for extra sweetness.

2. Avocado Toast

My biggest tip is to slice your toppings before bed. I love to add smoked salmon and tomatoes on top. In the morning, all is needed is toast and an egg. It is so delicious and easy. Trader Joes recently came out with a seasoning called "Everything but the Bagel" which is the perfect seasoning to add on top. 

3. Banana and Almond Butter Toast

Target sells mini flavored almond butter perfect for individual use. Cut a banana, toast your bread and breakfast is served. For healthier bread choice, pick Ezekial, a great alternative to white bread. Justin's peanut butter is sold almost anywhere, which is my personal favorite. 

4. Berries and Yogurt

Grab your favorite greek yogurt and throw in some bananas and berries. If you are generally in a rush in the mornings, dice up your fruit the night before so breakfast isn't so stressful! I love to add granola and goji berries on top with a light drizzle of honey.

5. Banana Pancakes

I saved the best for last. My personal favorite is banana pancakes, which I recently started making. If you have some ripe bananas add them to the batter for a sweeter batch. All that is needed for this delicious creation are bananas, vanilla extract, rolled oats, cinnamon, and syrup. I love to add whipped cream on top. Looking for another sweet breakfast? Make sure to check out these desserts for breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for busy college students, so make sure to try out these options before your next morning class. You won't regret it.