Well, "stealing" is a bit of an exaggerated term here. In other words, I happened to "stumble upon" my mother’s new, lightly used Fitbit she had lying around… Naturally, I wore it for a week to see just why people are buzzing about these things. Anyway, it seriously irritates me when people say the phrase “New year, New me," so when I first tried on the Fitbit, it was not because I wanted to spontaneously push myself into a healthier lifestyle just because of like, #twentyseventeen. Truthfully, I was simply curious to investigate whether or not the device met my expectations from all the advertisement. And it did just that.

Baby steps? No such thing...   

First, I was pleasantly amazed by its ability to accurately calculate the amount of steps I took each day. Yep -- every step. For instance, some days I could visually reassure myself that I was more active than I thought, or on the other hand, I could realize I needed to be more active if I didn’t meet my daily goal of 10,000 steps. I guess what I am trying to say is that the Fitbit is loyal. It’s essentially the only thing that actually gives you credit for the steps you take while walking between the couch and the refrigerator. Now that’s a true friend.


Don't worry, it gets even better! The Fitbit tracks how well you sleep too. There are not many alternative devices out there that can do this quite as well. The mobile app displays how many hours you slept that night and at what times you woke up. It also has a handy-dandy alarm clock feature that has transcended to a new tactile level and wakes you up by vibrating your wrist. I won't lie, it beats any of the various sounds that your iPhone has to offer.       


Honestly, who doesn't get just a little more motivated by some healthy competition between you and your acquaintances? One of the most entertaining parts about using a Fitbit is the ability to connect to your friends who are also using a Fitbit and compare your workouts/stats in a modern and convenient way using the mobile app. The rankings and numbers can be quite rewarding and satisfying. Keep in mind, if you ain't first, you're last!    

Totally and completely out of trial and error, I herby recommend the Fitbit to those who are interested in keeping a tab on their physical activity. They are a perfect way to become organized and gain control over your fitness level whether it be high or low.