With the weather getting warmer and it being summer, it's natural that you, the readers of this article will either experience some sweat and body odor or know someone that will experience sweat and body odor. While you might care about that one person that comes to mind, having to tell them that they smell is awkward. Instead, you can kindly suggest Softsoap's new summer-themed body washes.

What are the basics, and where's it sold?

Liz Abere

To start things off, Softsoap has released their new summer-themed body washes in two different scents that are both limited edition. One scent's aptly named 'Coastal Sunrise' while the sister scent is named 'Seaside Rush.' Both body washes have a creamy texture to them and are meant to leave your body feeling refreshed and softer than it was prior to you hopping (or stepping) in the shower.

In terms of Softsoap's 'Coastal Sunrise' body wash scent, the smell's marketed and sold as more on the 'Citrus Blossom' side of things. In reality, it smells more like you're walking through a pleasant garden that got hosed down with a delayed vanilla glaze and orange zest. Overall, the scent's fun and bold, but not too bold to the point where you'd get a literal headache from using and smelling it.

In terms of Softsoap's 'Seaside Rush' body wash scent, the smell claims to be more on the 'Lily & Bergamot' spectrum. In real life, it does smell like lilies in a field, but the scent is crisper than 'Coastal Sunrise.' My nose also picks up on a zesty apple scent, but maybe that's just my nose and me being weird... aka nothing new for either myself or my nose. 

Softsoap's summer-themed body washes are sold at Walmart for $2.97 per 18fl oz bottle. We all know the deal with Walmart; you tend to go in looking for one thing, but you end up walking out with a million and one things that you don't need since the prices are extremely affordable. The packaging of both body washes is incredibly sleek, so they won't take up too much space in your restroom.

What else is there to know?

Besides the fact that I was sent both scents to test out and to review from Colgate-Palmolive, Softsoap's body washes will only stick on the shelves of Walmart until September 2018. Softsoap also has a website that you can check out, as for it'll be linked right here for your web searching convenience. And if you're wondering how to tell your friend, relative, or loved one that they smell and need to shower... buy them both body washes, hand them both to them at the same time in a bag, and just say that you "heard that they were running low on body wash."

How does this all tie in with food/booze?

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Amy Dong

You wouldn't want the person that you're eating with to, you know, smell... besides, if you're like me and have hands that break out from using regular soap, using the body washes as hand soap will not only be more moisturizing on your hands, but it'll help your hands feel and be cleaner than usual.

While the summer may have you feeling gross, Softsoap's new limited edition summer themed body washes. You don't have to worry about feeling gross anymore since Softsoap literally has your back since they have a soft spot for you and your overall wellbeing/hygienic needs.