Over the last few months when I had been scrolling through Instagram I kept seeing photos of something called MONQ. After I kept seeing it I decided to look into what MONQ was and became really intrigued. MONQ is a personal essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy wherever you are. They have ten  different blends to choose from. So here is everything you need to know about MONQ.

What is MONQ?

So MONQ is a personal oil diffuser completely different than anything else on the market. It uses natural and organic ingredients to create a different kind of aromatherapy experience. You breathe it in like a vaporizer, but has no tobacco or carcinogens. The aromatherapy device heats up as you breathe in air, and the oils and water turn into a water vapor. Then you breathe out through your nose to get the full smell of the blend. Each MONQ has a list of specialized ingredients to create a specialized experience based on the blend you have chosen. 

What is The Science Behind MONQ?

MONQ has created a page on their website dedicated to the science of Paleo Air and why aromatherapy is good for humans. It has been found that plants can evoke memories and feelings in humans, and that is exactly what MONQ does. It helps evoke emotions and feelings due to the scents, i.e. zen makes you feel zen and happy makes you feel happy. 

Is MONQ Safe?

MONQ is completely safe to use. There is no tobacco or nicotine in MONQ which is why they do not consider themselves to be a vaporizer. The only ingredients in MONQ are listed on the specific page for the blend. All the ingredients are natural and organic, there are no artificial flavors or chemicals added in. But pregnant women, people under 18, and people with allergies to certain ingredients should not use MONQ. But other than that, use it as much as you want.

My MONQ Experience

I reached out to the company when I started writing this article. I wanted to see what MONQ was really like. After reading about each blend fifty million times (because they all seem so yummy and fresh) I decided to try the ocean blend. I have been using my MONQ normally once a day and take a few breaths. The blend is absolutely delicious, even taking it out the smell brings a smile to my face. It is super easy to use, and I am so happy with my experience. So if you want to try a new air diffuser experience, look at all the different blends and get your MONQ on.