Sexual assault; let's cut to the chase, it's no joke. It's the worst when people blame the victim as if they're in the wrong, when reality is, it's never the victim's fault. Some people are straight up douches that need emotional regulation, and it's not the victim's responsibility to provide said emotional regulation to the person that ended up assaulting them. No means no, and while that's hard for some people to hear, it's the straight up truth. While there's no complete measure to preventing sexual assault altogether, there's Flare, which will help keep you safe. On that note, here's what you need to know.

The details regarding Flare

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Melissa Ho

To start, Flare has something called the Nova Cuff, which retails for $99 and comes in three colors, which include gold, silver, and rose gold. If you're a student, you get a juicy 20% discount, but regardless of the price, your safety is what's most important. Another thing to know about the bracelet is that the battery lasts a year, and that it's on auto renewal, so you get a new bracelet yearly. The bracelet is iOS compatible (which connects via Bluetooth), and is soon to be compatible with Android. 

In order for the bracelet to work, you press the hidden button and you'll get an automated call or hold the button and Flare starts a group text with your pre-selected friends, telling them where you are, and asking them to call and check in. Flare was created by two sexual assault survivors, so sadly to say, they've been there, done that. According to a recent study of women ages 18-25 conducted by Flare and HerCampus uncovered that nearly half (45%) of survey respondents are being put in an uncomfortable situation multiple times a month, which is something that I can easily relate to... especially when talking to guys on Bumble.

There shouldn't be a fear in terms of safety at all times... it's gotten to the point where some people that I know have carried around pepper spray with them just to feel safe, which isn't ok. Thanks to Flare, we could easily feel safe knowing that our friends are only a press or a button hold away.