When Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide program gained enormous popularity, I, among so many other girls and women, committed myself to the 12 week fitness adventure that Itsines wanted to take everyone on.

While I definitely expected to lose a few stubborn pounds and to get into the shape of my life, I did not at all expect to become part of a community of women who encourage, love, and motivate one another to be their very best selves.

Scrolling through Instagram to get some insight into the effects — both physical and mental — of the BBG program, I came across Kelsey Wells, one of the most recognized and committed BBG members.

Wells had recently had a baby boy before beginning her BBG journey, which she initially began because she was feeling like a stranger in her post-pregnancy body. In an effort to get back to her old self, Wells started Itsines' program — and she absolutely thrived.

Through her Instagram and her personal fitness blog, My Sweat Life, Kelsey Wells seems to be a shining example of living life to the fullest. Even on her darker days, she always finds positivity, and she shares that daily with all of her followers.

As a fellow woman, I strive to live life in the same manner that Wells does — to be an amazing mother, to be a loving and devoted wife, to lead so positively by example, and to treat my mind and body with love and respect. Take a glance at her life, and I promise you'll want to slay at life, too. 

Making Motherhood Look Easy

Can we just take a second and appreciate that this gorgeous woman is a momma? As LMFAO would say, "gurl look at that body." I mean, hot damn.

Aside from kicking her post-pregnancy body's ass, Wells sincerely puts her little boy before all else. She frequently makes Instagram posts that involve her son, Anderson, and she always includes a positive message about the effects of motherhood in her caption.

In one post, she writes, "all I have ever done and anything I will ever do could never even compare to being a wife and mother." I personally, when the time comes, strive to be an amazing mom, and Kelsey Wells is exactly the kind of mother that I want to be. 

Wells makes a conscious effort to do fun physical activities with Anderson and her husband, Ryan, teaching her son that being active can be incredibly rewarding and enjoyable.

She also prides herself on her mantra, "make the healthy choice most of the time," which she incorporates into Anderson's life, teaching him that a balanced diet is fun to maintain, too. 

Above all, Wells recognizes and is so grateful for the opportunity to influence her son to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Balance and self-love are a huge part of her life, and she makes sure to raise Anderson with those things at the forefront of her mind. 

Real-Life Relationship Goals

Kelsey and Ryan Wells are one of those couples that you can tell are genuinely, 100% in love with one another. I don't know about y'all, but one of my biggest goals is to love and cherish my husband until the day I die, come Hell or high water. Wells is a huge advocate for that mindset, which I really admire and respect.

Even if you're not into PDA, Wells' photos and infamously (in the best way possible) long captions will make you feel the love. I mean, does is get anymore goals than "I have been obsessed with this man since he stole my heart at 17 and not a day goes by that I don't think about how blessed I am to be his."

Who doesn't want to be that deeply in love? The Wells seem to do pretty much everything together — when Kelsey has an opportunity to further her fitness platform and career, Ryan is by her side. When Kelsey caves and needs some french fries, Ryan's munching on some right by her side. Goals. 

Even better than being completely head over heels for each other, they're both unconditionally in love with their son. If this photo isn't evidence of what committed, adoring parents they are, I'm not really sure what is. And, again, goals. 

Advocating for Self-Love, Balance, and Positivity

Wells made my point for me in the first line of this photo's caption: "If you are basing your self-love and happiness on looking a certain way, you will never be happy." She's so admirable because, although she recognizes that she looks great, she also constantly reminds her audience that her transformation was mental as much as it was physical. 

In fact, part of her fame comes from the fact that she shuns the scale. She doesn't care about the number that the scale shows because it doesn't actually mean that much. Wells is an advocate for basing your health off of what you look like and how you feel rather than what the scale reads.  

Wondering why she does this? She revealed that she currently wears the same pants size and is nearly the same weight in both photos — her body composition simply changed.

Wells says, "I so desperately want to help prevent women of all ages from developing the mindset that weight has anything to do with self-worth."

She has shared photos on her Instagram of her bloated, post-splurge belly, as well as her giving the camera the hand in favor for a burger. Adding "Sass Queen" to the list of desirable Kelsey Wells traits.

At the end of the day, Wells advocates for being healthy and fit for yourself, not to fit into a certain societal ideal. Self-love is an important concept to her as well as for her to help others discover. She often talks about how long it took her to truly love her body, and that she wishes she would have shown it love sooner.

This is Wells' message to you: "YOUR BODY IS AMAZING. Right now, just how it is. It is time to STOP comparison and negativity and start nurturing confidence. Time to start telling yourself you're a ONE-OF-A-KIND FIERCELY BEAUTIFUL MF QUEEN  then start treating your body as the miracle it is watch as you begin to actually believe it. I love you guys. Let's love each other. Let's love ourselves."