It happens to the best of us. With schoolwork, midterms, grades, friends, being away from home, and struggling to eat well and exercise, it isn't difficult to feel overwhelmed, anxious, or even depressed. Our mood affects many aspects of our college life- motivation for studying, having fun with friends, and enjoying our college days—and it is important to find ways to boost our mood. During my own dreary moments, I found a few different methods to help me feel less overwhelmed and depressed. Here are five of my favorite ways to boost my mood.

1. Make a List

When we are overwhelmed, we tend to recirculate our "have-to's" over and over again in our head. To have a clear, simple idea of what to accomplish, write out everything on your mind. It doesn't take long, and you will feel productive and less anxious once you have a tangible idea of what to do.

#SpoonTip: Write it down in pencil and cross off what you've have accomplished in pen. Max satisfaction.

2. Do your Favorite Hobby

Whether it is knitting, dancing, baking, or watching Netflix, take a 30-minute break and indulge in your favorite hobby. This is a great way to focus on something other than your problems or emotions for a little bit. Listen to your favorite song or a chapter of a new audiobook. Whatever it is, take a short mental break, and you will feel less anxious or stressed out.

3. Go Outside

Ahhh Vitamin D. Being in the sun has some serious positive effects on your mood. I believe that a daily dose of the fresh outdoors can boost your mood instantly. Take a step outside and enjoy the scenery, whether it's a bustling city or the mountains, breathing fresh air will help you calm down and put things in perspective.

4. Meditate/Pray

Take a few moments to sit somewhere relaxing and let your mind be still. Meditating or praying can help ease your worries and anxiety. Take a few deep breaths, make a mental list of everything you are grateful for, and think about how these feelings will eventually pass. Within a few minutes, your mood will be way more optimistic.

5. Look at Old Pictures

When life gets hard, sometimes it is best to look back on your favorite moments. Scroll through your instagram, look on your photostream, or even an old photo album. Remember the fun, picturesque times and know that the hard times will pass. Pretty soon, it will be spring break and you'll be enjoying the sun and lack of schoolwork!

I hope these simple ways to boost your mood will help diminish any sadness, anxiety, or worry (at least for a few moments). Stay focused and motivated, and remember that it's normal to have those low moments. Just don't forget to take care of yourself and find what makes you happy!