I recently saw a TV commercial for Pacific Foods Bone Broth while flipping through the stations one day. I stopped on this particular commercial when I saw people drinking bone broth out of mugs as if it were tea. My first thought was "ew, these people are weirdos!" But then I thought, "Or am I supposed to be doing that too?"

I quickly googled "drinking bone broth" and actually found out that those people may be on to something. Research suggests that bone broth is actually beneficial for your health in many ways. Here is everything I learned about drinking bone broth so that you can decide for yourself: is this a weird trend or a wise habit?

Bone broth is nutritious.

Bone broth is dense with amino acids, Vitamins A and K, zinc, iron, calcium, etc. Also, being in liquid form, it is easier for your body to absorb these nutrients. Therefore, adding bone broth to your diet can improve your overall well-being.

Bone broth is good for your immune system.

As a source of nutrients, bone broth helps facilitate cell activity that boosts immunity and healing. Therefore, bone broth helps fight infections and keep you healthy.

Bone broth improves your sleep.

Bone broth is rich in one amino acid called "glycine." Glycine interacts with the sensors in your brain to help you fall asleep better, stay asleep through the night, and feel more focused when you are awake.

Bone broth heals your gut.

Another amino acid in bone broth called "glutamine" has been found to help heal your intestines that are inflamed or damaged. Therefore, drinking bone broth daily can help soothe and protect your gut.

Bone broth is good for your joints and bones. 

Bone broth is rich in protein-sourced amino acids that your body can absorb and use to help support and strengthen your joints and bones. This means that you will be able to stay active and moving on a daily basis for years to come!

Bone broth keeps you looking young.

As we age, our skin becomes less elastic, meaning it does not stay tight or hold its shape well anymore. This is why we develop wrinkles and saggy skin later in life. However, since bone broth is rich in collagen (that thing in your skin that promotes elasticity), it helps your skin maintain its youthful look.

But more studies are needed...

Although these benefits make drinking bone broth seem like a magical potion, Time Magazine experts warn that this trend is not a miracle cure. There is still more research needed on this topic to decisively conclude if bone broth is beneficial for your health in big ways. They say that you could really get more of some of these listed benefits just by drinking milk or eating eggs.

Some of these experts also say that just because you drink some of the amino acids and collagen found in bone broth, that does not directly translate to proteins and collagens in your skin and bones, just like eating fats does not immediately create fat in your body.

So before you switch to a bone-broth based diet, do your research and decide what is best for you. Let us know your thoughts or how you like to use bone broth by messaging us @spoon_bulldogs on Instagram.