As summer quickly approaches, the gym has filled up with last-minute scramblers hoping to get bikini szn ready. Getting fit and healthy is a lot more simple than you think— you don't need a waist trainer or detox teas to look and feel great. What you do need is to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to new limits with challenging exercises and routines.

I am a firm believer that one exercise should be incorporated into all workout routines. This exercise is the deadlift, and it is my favourite exercise because it targets all of the main muscle groups at once. On top of that, it is great for improving core strength and boosting your metabolism. That's why I think it's about time you ditch that waist trainer and try this instead.

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Alison Weissbrot

What it works

My favourite part about the deadlift is all of the muscles you are hitting through one simple movement. When performed properly, your back, butt, legs, arms, and shoulders will all be aching for days. The deadlift primarily targets the back and butt muscles, putting you one step further towards achieving those #bootygains we all dream of.

It is crucial that you use proper form while executing the deadlift, in order to prevent injury. Making sure your back is straight throughout the entire motion is extremely important, because a bent back puts heavy pressure on your spine and can easily result in an accident or injury. 

Improved core strength

Keeping your core tight while performing the deadlift will help engage all your abdominal muscles at once. The strength of your core determines your overall stability, and the greater your core stability is, the greater potential you have to perform deadlifts with maximum force. Therefore when performed correctly, deadlifts can help you achieve that flat stomach detox teas promise you.

#SpoonTip: try these 5 ab exercises will help sculpt your tummy along with the deadlift

Metabolism Booster

It is no surprise to hear that following a challenging weight training regime paired with proper nutrition will help you to shed fat and gain lean muscle. The more muscle your body has, the more calories you burn throughout the day to maintain this muscle, therefore boosting your metabolism.

The multiple muscles worked during the deadlift will help build lean muscle faster, which means a faster metabolism and more gains— It's a win-win situation if you ask me.

Staying fit requires discipline and dedication, but the rewards of this lifestyle outweigh the costs. The deadlift may be an intimidating exercise to try, but its long list of benefits makes it worth a shot. We all workout for different reasons and we all set different goals we aim to achieve, but chances are the deadlift will help you get to them quicker than that waist trainer will.