Who doesn't want the body of their dreams? But it's more than bikini body goals that bring girls to the gym. Sometimes a spin class is a great stress reliever and a hike is a fun way to hang out with friends. We asked 12 girls about their motivation to exercise. Here's what they had to say.

Feel Good Look Good

"Beach bod goals for sure, but feeling good after working out is definitely a motivator as well! All of those endorphins make it worthwhile." - Katie Davidson, University of Victoria.

"General beach bod goals, and my fear of being overweight. Sometimes if there's an article of clothing I really like and it's a little small—that'll motivate me to workout because of a general size goal and exercise also makes people feel better. So on days when I feel really gross, it's nice to get out and move." - Tulsa Williams, University of Victoria. 

Eat More 

“I bought a gym membership and I have to use it.” - Hailey McManus, University of Victoria

"I'm training to be a sommelier, I work out so that I can drink later!" - Stephanie Thomas, Drexel University. 

Get More Done

"I work out because it makes me feel good and it makes me more productive." - Emily Starling, University of Houston.

"It helps me let out all of my stress of the day go and to release anger (if I have any). Also, it just makes me feel better about myself overall." - Brianna Boltz, Kennesaw State University. 

"It energizes me in the morning!" - Lexi Nickens, University of Georgia.

"It does wonders for your mental health!" - Kim Labajo, Texas Tech University. 

"Helps me sleep better." - Emily Genzer, Elon University

"Exercise does not always have to be associated with losing weight, it can be a way to blow some steam off. Some ways to get people excited about working out can be to suggest innovative ways in which people can exercise, like Zumba!" - Natasha Todi, Ashoka University. 

Make It Social

"To see friends!" - Jessie Tai, University of British Columbia. 

"If I'm feeling super gross, then I like to work out because it makes me feel better afterward even if it's just for 30 minutes! Also, I get super motivated if other people are going because then I can't cancel on them." - Marissa Duncan, University of Victoria. 

Or Time for You

"I don't think of it as a chore, but instead as meditation/a treat. It's an hour I get to spend to just focus on bettering myself. No school, no other drama, just me. Also, booty progress gets me pretty stoked as well!" - Sarah Broitman, University of Victoria.

There are way more benefits to working out than just toned abs. Whether it's an hour to work on yourself or burrito regrets, there is no wrong reason to exercise. What's your motivation to exercise?