Fear the Bear, not the Hare

Imagine standing in front of 3,000 people and telling them the most embarrassing thing about you. Ya know that one weird thing that even drunk you knows not to mutter to anyone (even though they can't understand that shouldn't text that guy...). Oh, and your secret crush is in that group. And your grandmother, who thinks that you are perfect, and now are going to have to disappoint. 

You scared yet?

If yes...why?

What are you truly scared of? Having a ruined reputation and being shunned and disinherited of the family beanie bear collection? Falling of the podium and dying? 

What is the actual reason for this anxiety, when even the worst possible outcome, isn't that bad?

Science Provides Proof, again

The smartest scientists of our world conducted experiments, measured the stress levels of public speaking and being chased by a bear. Two separate fears, one emotional and one physical. Yet, when the results came back, the anxiety levels were nearly identical! 

One situation where we may say a bad joke and no one laughs, and one where we could realistically die. 

Logically, the fact that the stress levels are similar doesn't make sense. But it is that way. 

What's the fix?

(Over) Think Less

When things happen in the future, we tend to worry and picture every possible worst possible situation. We blow things way out of reason. Our minds become movie theaters showing only horror films, featuring us. 

We need to stop worrying, and just logically think through situations and have faith that everything will be okay. Don't make har(e)mless situations a bear and fear for your survival. 

Our society tells us to think through everything so we make the right situation, but maybe the secret is to think less and just do.

So, the next time you fear asking for that person's number or eating that second pizza, what's the worst thing that could realistically happen? 

Nothing (too bad). Go for it.