Can having a Cleopatra milk bath give you beautiful skin?Cleopatra was known for her stunning beauty and radiant skin, which was partly attributed to the fact that she frequently bathed in sour donkey’s milk. I couldn't quite manage to find any of that, but I did manage to find some almond milk that was a day away from its sell-by date, which is almost the same thing. Radiant beauty and flawless skin sounds like a good time to me so I decided to give it a go and take a milk bath, for the internet.

Step One: Acquire Milk

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Lottie Kelly

I don’t know about supermarkets where you’re from, but in my small college town donkey's milk is, surprisingly, hard to come by. I am a big fan of having almond milk in my coffee though so I thought: why not bathe in it? If there were ever a nut that sounded like it promised radiant skin, it would be the almond. Cue a trip to the supermarket to buy as much milk as I, and one best friend, could carry.

Step Two: Find an Unsuspecting Friend to Let You Use Their Bath

It’s much easier to get them to agree with this if you leave out the whole I’m going to be bathing in milk aspect. Wait until you’re safely within their bathroom before you reveal the numerous number of milk bottles you’ve concealed and start to prepare the infamous Cleopatra milk bath.

Step Three: Fill That Bath

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Lottie Kelly

I have to admit that, even in the name of good skin, I couldn't bring myself to get into a bath full of cold milk. A bath half filled with hot water seemed like a good compromise.

Step Four: Lie Back and Feel That Almond Goodness Soak Into Your Skin

Lottie Kelly

This is exactly the same as you would do if you were having a regular bath, only the water is a different colour and, hopefully, you've managed to find yourself someone willing to feed you grapes just like Cleopatra would have.

This supposedly luxurious Cleopatra milk bath was fun, but a little underwhelming in the results. Did it give me super soft skin? No. Did my skin my smell like almonds afterwards? Again no. If you live near somewhere that happens to sell donkey’s milk maybe this has inspired you to try a milk bath Cleo style but if not I’d recommend you stick to strictly water only baths (maybe with the occasional cool coloured bath bomb).