With finals being just around the corner, managing stress gets tougher and tougher. Everyone has their own ways for coping with the impending deadlines, but one great way to get out and about and relieve this energy is through hiking. Being outside of the cramped library is good for the brain and makes you forget about your responsibilities, if only, for a second. Arizona is known for its desert terrain, but there are some of the best hiking trails in Tucson. Also before you go, don't forget to pack for the trails

Seven Falls

Located at Sabino Canyon, the trail is 8.32 miles in total so it'll take some time to complete. To compensate, the views of the falls are spectacular and make the walk there worth it.

Romero Pools

Normally people don't think of there being much water in the desert, but this hike also has the end reward of water. Located in Catalina State Park, this trail is 5.65 miles in total and totally worth it in the end. Make sure to jump into the cold water of the pools to refresh yourself and set your mind into gear for finals.

Gates Pass

This trail is well known for the views that it provides. Located in western side within the Tucson mountains, one way is about 5 miles or 2 hours long. If you want to take the easier route, driving is an option. Whichever you choose, you'll be able to clear your head by looking at arrays of cactuses and scenic views.

Tumamoc Hill

Beginner hikers rejoice, this trail is rated well for those who aren't as athletic or able as most. Also located in west Tucson within the Tucson mountains, the trail is 2.88 miles in total and offers a killer view of the city. Grab your camera and get ready to take the best pictures when you get to the peak of the trail.

Bridal Wreath

As we creep closer to summer and finals, trails that provide hikers with waterfalls seem to be the best move. This trail is located in Saguaro National Park and is 5.98 miles but is sure to please every hiker. With beautiful views of waterfalls, cactuses, and desert wildlife this path is definitely one to try.

Stress relief is essential for conquering your finals so make sure to take some time for yourself for some outdoor fun. Arizona heat can be dangerous so please make sure you bring essential snacks and water with you. Enjoy!