You live in Midtown Manhattan and are the typical "I don't exercise New Yorker type." However, one sunny Saturday morning you decide to lace up your old sneakers and head out to "sweat." You attempt to run up 7th avenue but are stuck running between tourists and their families. Instead of weaving in and out of crowds, try these alternate routes in Central Park.

#SpoonTip: Most of these routes overlap each other, all following one main loop around Central Park. 

The Main Loop

In Central Park, there is one main road named Park Drive. This path makes one huge loop around the park and is exactly 6.03  miles. It is also the only paved walkway that goes throughout the entire park. The path itself is the size of a normal street, however most of it is used for walkers, runners, and bicyclers. Until recently cars could travel throughout the park, but this past June, the mayor made the famous park car-free

The Reservoir

The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir is not only a tourist site in the city, but one of the many running paths you can find in Central Park. The famous reservoir has a brittle path around it and you can run around the entire thing, which is 1.66 miles. The view of the small lake is incredible and on a sunny cloudless day, the reservoir is one of the best Instagram spots. 

The Ramble

The Ramble is considered to be one of the parks "woodlands." The special feature of the park consists of literal woods, with small paths that run throughout them. Hundreds of different plants and animals live here which makes it incredible to run through. The Ramble can be found right in the middle of the park, and between 72nd street to 79th street. 

The Uptown Loop

Just like New York City itself, the park is divided into an uptown and a downtown part. The uptown loop is smaller, consisting of 4.92 miles of running path. The path travels all the way from 110th street to 71st street, passing the reservoir, The Belvedere Castle, and The Bethesda Terrace. It is known for its many hills because it travels up the east side and then passes the Harlem Hill. But don't let that scare you. 

The One Mile Uptown Loop

The 1.42 mile loop runs from 110th street to 103rd street. This loop is fast and easy, mostly used by uptown runners, and its one of the least crowded areas in the park. However, this loop creates on challenge: the Harlem Hill. This specific hill is on Park Drive and could be the hardest parts in all of central park.

The Downtown Loop

The downtown loop of central park is approximately 5.14 miles long and covers roughly 40 city blocks. 60th street all the way to 104th street is where the loop takes place, where thousands of runners take each morning. This path passes many small tourist sites, which can make for an eventful run. 

The One Mile Downtown Loop

1.71 miles of running along the bottom half of the park result in some traffic. Street vendors and bicycle salesman stand at the bottom of the park attracting tourists, which you will hit on this path. It is challenging, but many downhills and quick turns make the run rewarding for your legs. 

If you're a beginner runner, these paths and routes might sound very overwhelming. But my goal is not to make you scared. My goal is to give you the best and most rewarding running routes you can find in a city that's filled with concrete.