Food is important in Texas, and if you haven't been here then you don't understand our barbecue! Twenty-four-hour food is a big deal here in good ole Austin, from higher-end pasta dishes to ratchet and greasy breakfast tacos you can only be drunk to eat. There is something to find at any hour of the day. Whether it be a big night after hanging around West Campus or a place to study after the library closes, these top open-late restaurants will be sure to satiate even the hungriest of midnight snackers. Grab your roommate with a car or that girl who you maybe kinda have a crush on who also has a car, and try out Austin's best late-night restaurants.

1. Magnolia Cafe

Mags is a classic, especially on our pride and joy street, South Congress. From the killer pancakes to their seasonal menu, nothing hits the spot quite like the 2 o'clock rush of drunken partiers or their bomb a** queso. Not to mention there are definitely a couple very cute waiters that work there. Where there's a late night, there's trusty Magnolia's to support your overworked college brain.

2. 24 Diner

This place a is little more expensive for late night eats, but god, it is worth it. Their waffle breakfast with brown sugar butter and Grade A light amber Michigan maple syrup may sound pretentious, and it definitely is, but treat yourself like the gender-neutral queen you are. Their specialty is Chicken and Waffles which comes in two sizes, so there's for sure a match for you at this hipster diner.

3. Star Seeds Cafe

Although it's a little bit farther away from my campus, Star Seeds is worth the drive every time. A little rundown and paint chipping in some places, but that's how you know it's well loved. My go-to is the jumbo breakfast taco for just under $5. Ask for extra cheese and get your groove on because it's going to be a tasty ride in every bite of this 24-hour Austin staple. 

4. Kerbey Lane

I have some pretty great memories at Kerbey. With seven locations ranging from Westlake to Round Rock, there's always a Kerbey just down the lane to satisfy your hungry stomach and soul. Pancakes are their specialty, so never pass up the opportunity for some seasonally flavored gingerbread or pumpkin.

5. Whataburger

meat, mayonnaise, ketchup, french fries, hamburger, bun, sandwich, cheese, tomato, lettuce, bread
Abigail Lindquist

We have all had that shameful but oh-so-satisfying post-party Whataburger run, but I think that it is honestly so underrated. Having not grown up in Texas, it is a completely new thing having relatively high quality fast-food available at any time of the day. I've found that some of the best workers are the ones that work late night Saturday shifts, and I definitely have a preferred location (Guadalupe and W. 28th).

6. 888

888 is home to all things Asian here in Austin. Their menu is extremely long, but that guarantees that you'll find something you like. Their tofu pho is a big hit with my vegan friends, so I mean it when I say everybody will find something to eat. I would suggest giving yourself 2 pages of the menu to choose from per visit so you're not too overwhelmed by the number of choices you have. Open until two almost every morning, it'll hit those late night hunger pains perfectly and definitely deserves a spot on the list for Austin's best late-night restaurants.

7. Home Slice Pizza

This is more so a late weekend eatery, but it deserves its place on this list for the sheer magnitude of incredibleness that is Home Slice. From you calzone lovers to the basic cheese, this pizza place has got it nailed. There's something so satisfying about being able to fold their 'za into the perfect biteable triangle, and with smaller tables and a back patio, it can be intimate or a party, depending on who you think is worthy of sharing a pizza with. Plus, those leftovers can make a bomb breakfast.

8. El Taquito

Tacos, tacos, and more tacos. This is your quintessential Austin Mexican restaurant with basically a whole menu devoted to tacos, but don't be deceived! This place serves up some mean meat by the pound and queso fundido. If you want food, and a lot of it, El Taquito is definitely a place to consider. Just looking at the online menu makes me hungry. Luckily for me, they're open late, so I might just have some enchiladas in my near future.

Hopefully, from now on, your nights will be filled with good food, even at 3 am on a Monday. These are my picks for Austin's best late-night restaurants, and if you love yourself even a little bit, you'll give these places a try. I should know because I love myself a lot and I spend a lot of time and money in the wee early mornings. If you're looking for only 24-hour places, check out 24-Hour Food Options Near UT that actually apply to the greater Austin area.