Summer is finally here and that means camping season is upon us. Camping is one of my all-time favorite activities to do, especially during the summer. From camping in your backyard to beautiful places like Yosemite, it's always a good time. If you're planning a summer camping trip but are feeling a little lost, check out this list for the best camping equipment to invest in.

1. Cotopaxi Techo 3 Tent

Not only is Cotopaxi putting out some top-notch gear, especially this tent, they also have a goal of doing good in the community. Their motto is gear for good, meaning the profit they make from their gear goes back into the community. From volunteering at local farms  to helping install irrigation pumps in Myanmar, their goal is help eradicate poverty.

As far as this tent goes, it is perfect for faraway camping adventures or even local backpacking trips. The tent is built for three but there is plenty of room to stretch out while still having space for your gear inside. Added bonus, it's waterproof so it's perfect for camping all year long. 

2. Any REI Sleeping Bag 

Sleeping bags are essential for making your camping one to remember. Sleeping outside can get really cold, or really hot. That is why REI is the best when it comes to sleeping bags. The REI Co-Op has a wide range of sleeping bags whether you are camping in the snowy mountains or the hot desert. Trying to sleep in freezing cold weather when your sleeping bag isn't warm enough can be torture. 

3. BioLite CampStove 2

When camping, fire equals food. Having a stove to cook your food is essential. What makes this portable stove stand out above the all the others out there is that it is good for the environment. What could be better? Instead of using fossil fuels like propane to fuel this stove, it uses wood. There are always sticks laying around when you're camping so it's easy to find fuel.

It may be small but it is very powerful and cooks food and boils water way faster than any other stove I have tried. There is also a USB outlet that uses the power from the fire to charge your devices. Also, BioLite's mission is to give back to countries such as Kenya, Uganda, and India, where people are living in poverty. 

4. ENO Hammock 

There is nothing better than hanging out in a hammock surrounded by nature. Having a hammock while on a camping trip is definitely an added luxury, but very very worth it. If you decide to skip the tent and sleeping bag for your hammock, it will most likely be the best star gazing you have every done. Hammocks are perfect place for some studying around campus too when you're back at school. 

5. Black Diamond Headlamp 

A headlamp might be something that you wouldn't think was necessary for camping, but it makes a huge difference. When making dinner at night or early in the morning trying to hold a flashlight in one hand and preparing food in the other can get pretty tricky. Headlamps are literally the best camping invention ever. Black Diamond headlamps are high-quality headlamps. They have different levels of brightness and the battery last forever. It may be small, but it's very powerful. 

Summer camping trips are on the best ways to make fun and awesome memories with your friends and family. If you don't have the right equipment it could make things a little challenging. This equipment is a good way to get started to make sure you are prepared and ready for a good time.