Some combos go together so well they're undeniable. Milk and cookies, fries and ketchup, and peanut butter and jelly are classic unarguable duos. But what about beer and yoga?

Well, it's happening and beer lovers and yogis rejoice as beer yoga makes its way around the world. What better way to reach your highest level of consciousness than sipping some suds in downward dog?

Beer yoga promotes a balanced lifestyle combining two classic therapies and has people saying – ya, I can do that.

It started in Berlin with BierYoga studio after founders Emily and Jhula first saw people (surprise) drinking beer and doing yoga at Nevada arts festival Burning Man. It is now making its rounds across the globe with organizations like Bend Brewski and Yoga on tap.

Some studios are using beer as a reward for getting through the class, following up your workout with a cold one, while others have you boozing as you go. Many even use the bottles as props and have participants putting them on their heads or raising them as weights.   

The idea is that when beer is tied in with yoga it’s a fun and light-hearted atmosphere. You’re less likely to get down on yourself for not hitting your mark or loosing your balance because everyone is doing their best and it really just is fun.

While studios vary in their approaches, all beer yoga venues have attracted new clientele who might have never otherwise tried yoga. Come for the beer and stay for the yoga, but maybe next time they’ll think about coming back for the yoga.

Beer yoga has been getting so much attention that Lululemon even hoped on board with their own beer limited edition beers, courageous blonde and curiosity lager. Curios indeed.

This leaves me with one question: do you bring your own beer?