When I started working out and trying to find more ways to incorporate protein into my diet, Quest Bars were the first place I turned. Gluten free and low carb, Quest Bars are the perfect addition to almost any diet. Recently, Quest added 4 new flavours along with brand new products, Cereal Bars and Hero Bars.

I’ve gradually limited my purchase of Quest bars for 4 reasons:

a) They are fricking expensive in Canada ($5 per bar)

b) They aren’t plant based (ie. vegan)

c) Artificial sweeteners (sucralose)

d) The texture gets monotonous and gross after a while

While my obsession with Quest Bars has diminished, I did create a comprehensive list of flavours for anyone looking to splurge on a bar or two.

1. Chocolate Chip

So soft, chewy, chocolatey, and just ugh. If you have the patience to heat it in the microwave for a couple seconds, it tastes even better! Barely an aftertaste. This is by far the most popular flavor for a reason. People actually Instagram the chunks in their bars. I’m not kidding—look up t#chunkporn

2. Cinnamon Roll

Fun fact: this was the first flavor I tried, and it is spot-on! I wouldn’t recommend buying a box of these since the taste and texture are identical from bar-to-bar. What it lacks in chunk, it makes up for in flavor. The bar is soft with a buttery texture and the cinnamon isn’t too over powering.

3. Mocha Chip

This is the most recent flavor. In all honesty, I only tried the bar to say that I had tried it, but it ended up being absolutely amazing. First off, I am not a coffee person. I don’t mind the smell of coffee beans, but the thought of drinking the stuff makes me shudder. But this bar wasn’t bitter at all. The coffee flavor was subtle, but perfectly complimented the rich chocolate aspect. Coffee haters, I encourage you to try it while keeping an open mind!

4. Blueberry Muffin

This bar is unlike any of the other fruit flavours. The blueberry pieces are small, but super tasty; they are both sweet and sour and offer just the right amount of blueberry flavor. The base almost has a cheesecake flavor and the muffin crumbles remind me of a graham cracker crust. The bar is incredibly soft and almost melts in your mouth. This is another of the more recent flavours to be introduced to the Quest community.

5. Double Chocolate Chunk

OMG this flavor tastes exactly like a brownie. Heated in the microwave with a glass of milk, it makes the perfect snack. It’s quite sweet and the perfect bar for any chocolate addict; it has a chocolate base and plenty of chocolate chunks.

6. Rocky Road

I wasn’t expecting much from this flavor, but it ended up being so good! It had almond chunks with a base that tasted like the chocolate brownie flavor. Kind of lacking in the marshmallow department which was a-okay with me!

7. Chocolate Brownie

Tastes exactly like the Double Chocolate Chunk Flavour minus the chunks and a little chewier. Aftertaste is quite predominant, but heated up takes care of that problem. Again, I wouldn't buy an entire case since each bar and bite are identical.

8. Banana Nut Muffin

Let this bad boy get all warm and gooey for an epic treat. I remember leaving it in my car during summer and creating the most delicious pseudo-banana bread. Eaten cold, the banana flavour is kind of fake tasting. Walnut pieces are small and scarce. 

9. Chocolate Peanut Butter

About as close to an Eatmore bar as you can get without it being the real thing. The peanut butter aspect is quite subtle, but the bar is slightly saltier and more bitter than the other primarily chocolate flavours.

10. Oatmeal Chip

I had incredibly high expectations for this flavor, and it definitely succeeded them! I loved the oatmeal component. Overall, it was a little drier than the other flavours and accurately mimicked cookie dough. The oatmeal taste was much more prevalent than the chocolate chunks.

11. Cookies and Cream

Most people would rank this higher, however I’ve never been a cookies and cream fan of anything. The chunk porn is great though. The cookie chunks have a texture simiar to Oreos.

12. Mint Chocolate Chip

I have a love-hate relationship with this flavor. On one hand, it looks absolutely epic with electric green chunks. But on the other hand, the mint flavor tastes legitimately artificial. It’s mint, but I was expecting for the mint that makes your mouth cool and contrasts perfectly with the sweet taste of dark chocolate. But this bar had both sweet mint and sweet chocolate and it was just a bit too much.

13. Vanilla Almond

You don’t hear much about this flavor, but it’s actually decent! There are large almond pieces in the bar that contrast the soft vanilla cake base. Nothing over-the-top special, but a nice change from all of the fancy and dramatic flavours.

14. Lemon Cream Pie

Nice and refreshing, like a glass of lemonade. The bar is on the chewier side.

15. S'mores 

I absolutely loved this flavour and considered it my favourite for quite a while. However, I found that the bar was almost sickly sweet from the marshmallow component. To be 100% honest, I didn't find it similar to a legit s'more at all. An awesome opportunity for chunk porn, but very rare. A nice bar to try once in a while for something different. 

16. Strawberry Cheesecake

Not overly cheesecake-y, but the strawberry pieces added a lot of flavour. No chunks in this bar and the texture is quite chewy when eaten plain.

17. White Chocolate Raspberry

Interesting. I really liked the raspberry pieces, but was not a fan of the white chocolate. When I bought my first batch of Quest Bars, this flavour was recommended by the employee at GNC.

18. Apple Pie

More cinnamon please and thank you. Nothing tastes like my Gramma’s homemade apple pie so please don’t call this bar “Apple Pie”.  It’s an insult #sorrynotsorry

19. Mixed Berry

Another overly sweet flavor, almost to the point of making me sick. The fruit pieces taste incredibly fake and artificial. 

20. Peanut Putter

This flavour actually did make me sick, but it was the sucralose. Don't get me wrong, the flavour was spot on; it was the afterraste that was the downfall.

21. Peanut Butter and Jelly

No thanks; maybe I'm biased because I didn't grow up on PB 'n J sandwiches. Even logically, this flavour just doesn't sound appetizing in my head.

22. Coconut Cashew

This is one of those bars you either LOVE or hate. And since I despise anything coconut related and cashews make me gag, this was not the bar for me. Try at your own risk.

23. Pumpkin Pie

Another disappointment, although many people will think I’m crazy for ranking Pumpkin Pie so low. I spent months looking for this flavour in Canada and ended up finding it at the airport in Vancouver.

I had really high expectations for this bar and was super disappointed. To me, it tasted nothing like pumpkin pie. The coating on the outside was sickly sweet and just fake tasting.