Acai is a superfood trend happening all around the world. And when in Long Beach, California you can find a smoothie bar on just about every corner that serves a bowl of healthy, açai goodness. With so many options to find a refreshing açai bowl in Long Beach, it can be a little overwhelming. So here are 5 açai places to give you a taste of paradise.

Reviive Juice Bar

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Sami Reinhard

This is literally a hole in the wall in the middle of the East Village Art District in downtown Long Beach. You can't even walk into the place. You walk up to a counter, order, wait for a hot sec, then you eat. For an açai bowl, it is decently cheap too.

Yago Juice

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Sami Reinhard

If you are all about supporting your local businesses, this is the place for you. The only thing nicer than the açai bowls, are the employees. Honestly, the nicest people. It is a small place, so keep your eyes open—you wont want to pass up this one.

Tru Nature Juice Bar

If açai bowls were a science, Tru Nature would have it all figured out. From the consistency of the blended açai, to the ratios of granola and fruit, they have it all down to a tee. Açai bowls aside, the place itself is super cute and you almost feel healthier walking inside.

Lazy Acres Market

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Sami Reinhard

This may not be a cute little hole in the wall, smoothie spot, but in no way does that take away from the açai bowls it has to offer. Lazy Acres is a convenient health foods grocery store. Inside is a smoothie and juice bar that can blend up literally any combo of fruit that you could ever wish for. 

The Spot Cafe

Last, but definitely not least, this is the perfect spot for açai bowl chow-downs. Located on 2nd Street, this place offers all things healthy and doesn't sacrifice taste.