Choosing a fitness class is hard, but if you've ever scrolled through @nikewomen you'll notice that a few are taking over the internet. This no doubt has something to do with the countless Victoria's Secret models that have been talking about them. Here are some of the fitness classes Uvic has to offer that are taking over the internet.


Gigi Hadid has long been a massive supporter for kickboxing workouts, and you can sign me up for anything that's going to get me her abs! As intimidating as this may sound, the Women's Fitness Kickboxing class at UVic was created with girls in mind. The whole program was designed to help you get lean and tone muscle. It's a great way to get fit and let out some pent-up frustration and stress. 

"Enjoy the fitness benefits of kickboxing without the sparring, or competition. Improve your strength, endurance, and coordination in this dynamic class!"


The ultimate cardio workout! Trying to spot celebs on an upcoming trip to LA? Try going to SoulCycle, even Anderson Cooper is a fan. Thankfully, you don't need to be in LA to ride a stationary bike and have an instructor yell motivational –yet intimidating– things at you.

UVic offers a huge selection of spin classes that all target different areas and interests. From the Ultimate Cardio Crunch - designed to "get your heart rate up and improve your cardiovascular fitness", to Heavy Metal Spin if you prefer some Iron Maiden with your sweat and tears.


Inspired by classical ballet exercises, barre classes will tone muscles, improve posture and flexibility, and build endurance so you can get that ballerina body everyone is always talking about. Not a day of ballet experience required!

Like with spin, UVic offers a variety of barre classes. The Ballet Barre Bootcamp promises "a combination of strength, flexibility and cardio, [that] works the whole body from head to toe. Elements of classical ballet, yoga and deep stretching are used to sculpt and define muscle tone". One step closer to starring in The Nut Cracker.

Try them yourself!

Sign up for one or more of these fitness classes UVic offers and determine for yourself whether all the hype is warranted.