Trying out a fitness class for the first time can be intimating because you don't know what to except or how difficult the class might be. I tried out the majority of the fitness classes DU has to offer (except for a few of the Yoga classes, because I will probably never make it to Sunrise Yoga) and I would say DU has a pretty good mix of classes for different levels of fitness. Whether you are looking for a high cardio strength class or a yoga class to destress after (or before) a long day of class, the rec center has got you covered. Find out which classes could be a good fit for you and your fitness goals.


Honestly, this class kicked my butt the first time I went and still leaves me feeling sore after every class. When you walk into the class, be prepared to get a hard core workout. The class typically starts out with 10 minutes of cardio, followed by various strength and conditioning exercises, then another set of cardio, ending with ab exercises and stretching. This class is no walk in the park, but it is a good workout if you're looking to fill your squat and lunge quota for the week. The encouraging instructor and the energy of everyone in the room will make this hour worth your time.  

2. Oula

Oula is a fun, high energy dance class. Even if you have never danced in your life you can still have fun in this class. The choreography moves pretty fast, but you will use the same routines for multiple weeks so it helps to go consistently. Don't worry about your dancing abilities because I guarantee everyone in the class is so intensely focused on doing the right choreography, they are not judging you for messing up every other move.

3. Pilates

There are a few different pilates classes with different instructors and each instructor has a different style. Some prefer a more classical pilates class, think Hundreds and Bicycle. While other instructors teach pilates fusion, which often utilizes equipment such as gliders, exercise ball, and weights. The Tuesday morning pilates class is more of a pilates fusion and the Wednesday morning class is usually a traditional style of pilates. I personally find the fusion class a little more interesting and challenging.

4. Power Hour

This class quite similar to HIIT, however, I think it varies depending on which instructor is teaching the class that day. Power hour follows a similar concept incorporating cardio segments followed by strength exercises. DU offers 5 different class times throughout the week. Get ready to do multiple sets of burpees, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks; you will definetly be sweating by the end of class. 

5. Step & Pump

Probably one of the more different classes I have attended. Step & Pump uses a step platform for a cardio step routine broken up by barbell strength exercises. Full disclosure: the cardio step routine requires a good amount of coordination, even as a former dancer I found it challenging to follow the routine while being cautious not to trip/fall off of the step platform (do not to attempt while hungover). It is a good full body workout that will get your heart rate up and might leave your calves feeling a little (or a lot) sore.

6. Boxalites

This class is a little hard to describe, as many of the exercises are a little unconventional, but basically its a blend of boxing, dance, and pilates. The instructor, Olivia, has a background in ballet so she incorporates some ballet movements into the routines to offer a unique variety for every class. This class will keep you working for the entire hour and will require you to use muscles you didn’t know you had. 

7. Cycling

DU offers numerous cycling classes so you're bound to find a time and instructor that works with your busy schedule. Fun fact: You could attend at least two cycling classes a day, Monday through Friday, if you are feeling extra motivated, but that could be a little overkill. Cycling classes are as challenging as you choose to make them, if you want a hardcore workout, add more resistance and push yourself during the sprints, but don’t feel like you need to overwork yourself if your body is not feeling it.

8. Barre Sculpt

There are two different barre classes: Tuesday morning incorporates some barre exercises along with a blend of strength exercises focusing on arms, legs and abs. The Friday morning class is also taught by Olivia, so the exercises will incorporate various strength exercises at the barre, on the mat, or across the floor. Last class Olivia made us do sprints across the room, so be prepared for whatever she throws at you. Both classes will definetly help to sculpt and tone your muscles.

9. Zumba

Frustrated about an upcoming test or an job interview? Zumba is a great way to relieve stress. Don't panic about your dance abilities or coordination because there's no need to be a Zumba expert, but if you're looking to relieve stress for an hour and get a great workout, give Zumba a try.

Working out can be a drag and sometimes it's difficult to find the motivation to make the long journey to the Ritchie Center. But hopefully this will ease your fear of trying out new classes and maybe you'll even find a fitness class that makes working out a little more enjoyable.