There are a million different ways to assign value to yourself, but in a society infiltrated by social media, it is all too easy to focus on the things that just don't matter: the numbers on the scale and your outward appearance. 

Constant images of sexualized, often phtoshopped women create an unreachable standard for the majority of girls and women. Qualities such as intelligence, talent, and kindness take the back seat as women attempt to reach what social media screams at them is most important. 

Here's a list of things that are infinitely more substantial to determine your worth by.

Next time you feel like your'e worthless because of the flaws that make you beautiful or the numbers on a scale, look at this list and realize that amazing women do not need to be skinny, sexy or flawless to shine. 

1. Your Intelligence 

Knowledge is power! Being a smart woman is truly empowering. Being stick thin or having whatever you think is the perfect body is extremely unfulfilling. Having the intelligence to pursue big things in life and have meaningful discussions opens doors to substantial opportunities. 

2. How You Make People Feel 

Being able to make someone smile, laugh, or feel better after a bad day is an extremely satisfying, fulfilling experience. The way you make people feel means so much more to them the the way you look. 

3. Your Friends

Think about your friends: do you think they love you because of the way you look or how much you weigh? Or do you think it is because of your personality or the way you make them feel? My guess (and hope) is that it is the latter. Having meaningful friendships reflects a lot on who you are as a person. 

4. Your Achievements 

Think about all you have done in your life: Did you get into your dream school? Were you the captain of your sports team? Did you get an A on your hardest final? These are important, meaningful things to be proud of. Crushing your goals makes you an amazing person. 

5. Your Strength 

There is a lot more to being in-shape than being skinny. Being able to run farther, climb a taller mountain, or lift more than you could yesterday are all incredible accomplishments to be proud of. Knowing you are strong should be enough. You don't have to have a "perfect," unnatural body to prove it.  

6. Your Hobbies 

What are you passionate about? Do you love to sing, dance, draw, write, cook, or take photos? Put your energy into what you love to do. Obsessing on what you think you should look like is a waste of your talents and time.

7. Your Flaws and What Makes You Unique 

Studies have shown that the things that set you a part add interest and attraction to a person. I know it sounds cheesy, but the things you think are flaws might be exactly what attracts someone to you. It is so important to learn to love yourself, from head to toe, flaws and all. 

You are stuck with you for life, so you might as well take a serious look at all the things that make you amazing. Not every girl is going to look like a Victoria Secret model, and they shouldn't!

Women are worth so much more than their looks, and it is our time to rise above the social standards and show the world that our looks are insignificant in comparison to what rests just beneath the surface. 

Girl freaking power.