It's that time of year. You wake up with your throat aching, head pounding and nose running with endless amounts of snot. Gross and unpleasant... I know. The common cold comes around way too often, as I know all too well, and I have come up with some homeopathic, natural remedies that in the end, have never failed to alleviate my pain and quicken the curing process. 

Echinacea or Monolaurin

Both Echinacea and Monolaurin are natural dietary supplements that help boost the immune system and are antibacterial, helping the body fight off infection and the common cold. Echinacea is a flower that is dried, crushed and found in pill form, or in tea form. Monolaurin is a chemical found in coconut milk and breast milk. It can also be found in pill form. 

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These supplements can be taken while you have a cold, or even when you feel a cold coming on to stop it dead in its tracks. Trust me this trick has worked every time. 

Ginger, Mint and Lemon Tea

My mom, the angel that she is, taught me a home made, all natural tea, soothing the throat while also giving me sentimental memories. 

The tea consists of three sprigs of mint, 3-5 thin slices of ginger (the more the better, but watch out it can get strong), a teaspoon of honey, about a half a lemon and filled to your liking with boiling hot water. 

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Not only is this by far the most delicious natural remedy for curing the common cold, but it is so good for your throat and nose. Regular tea can always be good for the cold, but this remedy is packed with immune boosters and throat clearers. 


Turmeric, when made into a warm drink of your choosing, whether it's with boiling water, or with coconut milk, it helps decrease your cold symptoms. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory perennial plant that when ground can be consumed and used to decrease your nose drippage and allow you to breath much easier at night. 

Aromatherapy Microwavable Heating Pad

I own one of these pads and let me tell you, I have never felt so much relief. These pads not only release scents of lavender, chamomile or a scent of your choosing, but when placed anywhere on your body, they relieve pain, aching and allow a better nights sleep.

The soft pad can be heated up in the microwave for 1-2 minutes until hot and placed on any part of the body that feels pain. Whether its on your head, stomach (the pad is also great for period cramps) or chest, the pillow will make you feel like a million bucks.

Pop the pad in the microwave, put on some soothing meditation music or any music of your choice, place it on your chest, head, or stomach and relax. This too shall pass. 

Chewing Ginger

Ginger is known to have many positive medicinal effects. While also being a natural root and amazing in Asian food, it also can help a sore throat dissolve quickly. Chewing raw ginger, while it can be very strong and unpleasant for some, it can ease your throat and allow you to breathe happy once again. 

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Honey is great for your throat. Wether you just put a tablespoon or two of honey in boiling water, or you eat it straight, honey clears the sinuses and throat to alleviate that burning feeling in your throat and that terrible (sometimes sexy) raspy voice of yours. 

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Keep Warm

While there are always things you can eat, one of the most important remedies for curing the common cold is keeping yourself bundled and warm. Throwing on extra layers can allow the body to spend time and energy on boosting and repairing your immune system, instead of keeping you warm. So although it's only 50 degrees fahrenheit outside (and that is nothing compared to when you lived in Minnesota), you should still throw on that giant blanket of yours and wear those fuzzy socks to keep you comfy and cozy. Avoid going out for a few days and avoid doing anything strenuous and most importantly, even though it is so very hard sometimes (trust me I know), do not go to the gym.

Allow your body to rest and relax, give it some TLC, cuddle with your respective animal, get lots of sleep, and all will be well soon. 

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No longer will you struggle to fall asleep or need to use NyQuil when natural remedies to cure the common cold can bring you back to life.