Although winter is usually the time when people feel the most melancholy, spring can also be a time where you feel unmotivated or exhausted. If you feel like everything around you is too much to handle, just take a second to relax and do one of these five things. You'll find that just taking a little bit of time out of your day can make a big difference in lifting up your mood.

1. Make A Spring Playlist 

It's always a great idea to update your music to match the vibe of the season. Some of my favorite springtime pick-me-ups are Celeste by Ezra Vine, Chocolate by The 1975, or pretty much anything by Sara Bareilles. If you're not in the mood to create original playlists, Spotify always has pre-made playlists readily available. 

2. Create Spring-Inspired Recipes

For me, creating new recipes is always a mood lifter. It's especially fun during spring because all of the ingredients are so fresh, crisp, and inviting. Some cool ideas are fresh pizzas, the 3 P's pasta (pancetta, peas, Parmesan), or even a fresh fruit smoothie. 

3. Travel

The weather is the perfect temperature, school stress is low, and it's definitely time to see the world. Get out of your shell and travel somewhere you've always wanted to go! If you can't go to that special place quite yet, you can start planning the trip to get yourself really excited. 

4. Spend Time Outside

This is a great time of the year to experience the outdoors. Whether it's a light morning hike, a neighborhood stroll, or even sitting outside in the fresh breeze, spending time outside is a great way to feel good about the season. 

5. Use A Journal

Journaling is not only a wonderful way to express yourself, but also good to jot down fun things for the coming season. Writing in a journal can really excite you about what's to come, and always takes some weight off your shoulders. 

There are tons of ways to make for an unbelievable season, but starting with these five will create the base for a healthy, productive springtime.