After hurricane Irma hit Florida, a lot of South-Floridians like me ended up getting stuck in New York City. Having to wait hours and hours for a flight that'll eventually get canceled is probably the closest thing to hell you'll ever experience on earth. But all is not lost—here are five things to do in the airport to keep your sanity.

Explore (responsibly

If like me your second flight gets delayed for several hours take the opportunity to explore.Staying cooped up next to that power outlet won't help you catch that plane any faster.Charge all your devices up to 100% then go for a walk around a couple of terminals. 

#SpoonTip: Unless you have a family member or friend that can watch you bags do not leave them unattended. Also, it would really suck if you missed your flight after all that waiting so keep an eye on the time. 

Take Pictures 

While your waiting, take a minute to up your Instagram game. Take a couple pictures of interesting things around the airport, and snap a couple of pics of yourself.

#SpoonTip: If you're with family or friends, have them be your paparazzi.

Have all the snacks your pocket can afford

One of the reasons why people tend to lose their shit when their flight gets canceled is because of hunger and anger. Yep, people tend to get cranky when they're "hangry." Go hunt down the most affordable and delicious snacks you can find in the airport.

#SpoonTip: If you're with a group, make it into a game. Who can get the cheapest but most satisfying snacks on the airport?

Netflix and Chill

Haven't had time to catch up on your favorite show? Well, now is your chance. Find a power outlet and start binge-watching while eating your snacks. Make yourself comfortable—take your shoes off (if your feet don't stink), lay down, and let the Netflix marathon begin.

#SpoonTip: Make sure to have one ear open in case you miss an announcement. Don't be the idiot who misses the flight because you couldn't hear the announcement about the gate change.

Get Some Writing Done

If you're part of a Spoon chapter, take this opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and write a couple of articles.

#SpoonTip: The airport free wifi might be a little bit too slow to actually get anything done, so use your hotspot if you have one.

To quote Hannah Montana, "life is what you make it" so don't just sit next to the power outlet and stew over your bad luck. Keep calm and make the best out of your stay at the airport.