Graduation is a momentous occasion. No more last-minute studying or pop quizzes, but what happens after graduation? Here are five realities you'll have to face as a college graduate.

1) Job Searching

Most of the time you won't land your dream job right after graduation. Odds are you'll start out small as an assistant or with an entirely different job in general. What's important is to pull through and apply for other jobs. When you finally land a full-time position, all you'll want to do is lay in bed and watch Netflix. 

2) Goodbye socializing

Remember having a hectic schedule balancing clubs? Well no reason to stress about that anymore, but you will begin to miss it. It was a time to socialize and create friendship, now that the organizations are gone, Netflix is your primary source of entertainment.   

3) Expenses

If you thought student life was expensive, wait till you experience the real world. The mere fact that your home and food solely relies on finding employment is very stressful. Either find a roommate or move in with your parents. 

4) Drama be gone!

Remember that messy roommate or that one girl who complained about everything? Well, you never have to see them again now that you're a graduate. No more group projects or snide comments from club members.

5) New Adventures Awaits

Despite the responsibilities of adulthood, there are many benefits. It's time to defy gravity, go the distance, take the road less traveled and enter the new world because your time is now! Go on that grand adventure with friends or climb your way up to your dream career, it's all in your hands!