Freckles or, as my grandma calls them, "angel kisses" can cause few struggles. Freckles seem to be making their way into fashion with people temporarily tattooing them on or drawing them on with eyeliner, but those of us born with freckles can tell you they are not all they are cracked up to be. 

1. The sun

Tara Shooshani

The sun may seem like your friend if you want to get tanner but not with freckles. Even when using sunscreen the freckles just seem to get darker. Your skin may become more tan, but it can be pretty hard to tell. 

2. One big freckle

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Julia Murphy

That thing — the sun — can totally ruin your freckle pattern. What a thing to worry about. I have found many times that my tiny little freckles become huge and then blend together to make one giant freckle on my face. Not cool, sun. 

3. Using foundation

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Victoria Stevens

Finding makeup that covers your freckles but doesn't make you look like a clown is quite the challenge. I am 20 years old and still have yet to find a foundation or concealer that covers up my freckles without it looking like I'm wearing an inch thick of makeup on my face. Come on makeup companies, make a good product for me at a decent price, or maybe I should just ditch makeup altogether. 

4. Sensitive skin

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Sunny Liu

Freckles, in my experience and talking with friends, often means we also have sensitive skin. These freckle things almost always mean no harsh chemicals on my face to treat things like acne and cold sores. This also means careful testing of makeups, laundry detergents and anything else you're going to put on your skin. This whole testing of different products can be quite costly, but it's the price I pay for having freckles.

5. Insecurities

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Wendy Sun

I remember being in middle school and wanting nothing more than olive skin with no freckles. I was super insecure about my freckles and thought they made me look like a little kid. Today, I love my freckles and find them to complement my face nicely. 

Sometimes these struggles may want you to have that perfect skin that doesn't have freckles, but embrace what you've got and flaunt it — show your freckles with pride.