Glossier is my new found love. At a young age, I struggled with problematic skin which led me to try almost every foundation sold at Sephora and spend an arm and a leg. Recently, my skin has cleared as I have mastered my own skincare routine. Minimalism is in and it is beautiful. This year Glossier, a makeup and skincare line known for showing off imperfections came into my life and I'm never turning back. When I wear Glossier makeup I feel like I am glowing from within because their products are very dewy and natural. Most of the products are water based which is great for young skin. As for skincare, they have all the basics and more. From cleansers to skin perfectors,  you can't go wrong. Oh, and each product comes with a cute makeup bag. The brand has a showroom in NYC but the products are sold solely online. 

1. Skin Tint

The Skin Tint is the first Glossier product I tried. I was in the market for a lightweight tinted moisturizer or CC cream, not a super heavy foundation. I asked and shopped around until I discovered this remarkable brand. Skin Tint almost feels watery. The pigmentation is not huge so if you want full coverage this is not for you. I apply it with my beauty blender to cover up the redness on my cheeks and nose. You can barely tell I have anything on my skin which is what I love. I used to love to mask all my imperfections when I was younger. As I have grown up I now understand that beauty is all about imperfections and I think my face looks better when there is no mask to cover up beauty.

2. Haloscope

We got Becca, we have Fenty, we have Tarte. These beautiful brands sell amazing highlighters, but the products are very pigmented. Who actually wakes up every day with glitter on their cheekbones? No one. I have never understood highlighters because I always thought they looked too pink too yellow or just plain glitter swiped on cheeks until I discovered Haloscope. Haloscope is a cream highlighter that matches with my skin tone. Glossier has highlighters in shades for every skin color. The product is blendable and practical for everyday use. I feel like I am glowing from within with this product which is exactly what I want.

3. Boy Brow

I have to say when it comes to face makeup, I have mastered the basics, but anything with the eyes is another story. I have almond shaped eyes so eyeshadow and eyeliner is a huge NO for me. I love to show off my eyebrows when I do apply makeup. Boy Brow comes in a small mascara type compact with a very precise spooly brush. For my brows, I never want to change the shape, only darken them a bit. When adding boy brow I add color and volume to my brows and I love how they look.

4. Cloud Paint 

Cloud Paint is essentially a gel or cream consistency blush.  When I think of normal blush I picture a strong shade of pink that is a pressed powder formula. Cloud Paint is a wet product that is more of a flush of color on your cheeks. They have a small variety of shades. The blush blends seamlessly into the Skin Tint and not only is very moisturizing but also sometimes can be used as a lip stain as well. Multi-purpose products are great because you don't feel as bad spending money. 

5. is my personal favorite Glossier product. It is a skincare product and makeup product. is meant to be a lip balm, but I also use it for my eyelids, cheeks, and lips. It is a multipurpose product that is perfect to throw in your purse or backpack. The product feels very similar to Aquaphor or Vaseline but it is a bit thicker. It also comes in a multitude of colors which is why I use it basically all over my face. Make sure to pick up a few. You can never have too many.