When you think about university, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Late nights cramming for tests you were "too busy" to study for? Probably. Drinking beer with a few hundred of your closest mates? Definitely.

Health and wellness probably aren't things you usually associate with uni—a lot of students don't even know that their universities offer these services. UniMelb knows that your uni years are some of the best of your life. Here are five services they offer to make them even better.

1. Health Services

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Ellen Gibbs

It seems like kind of a no-brainer that a university would provide cheap or free health care for its students, but a lot of students don't even know that Melbourne University Health Service, located on Cardigan Street in Carlton, exists. Offered here are discounted or free services for staff and students—they also specialise in sexual health, men's health, women's health, and child vaccinations.

2. Safer Community Program

Melbourne Uni runs a really great Safer Community Program. This program is aimed at giving tips and offering services to help students stay safe—not only while they're on campus, but also in their everyday lives. One of the Safer Community Program's features is the security escort service.

While UniMelb is beautiful and especially Hogwarts-y at night, it's often scary walking alone in the dark. You can call and request a security officer to walk you to your destination—it's free and available 24/7 on the UniSafe app. SCP also offers help for sexual harassment and assault issues, discrimination, and bullying.

3. Counselling and Psychological Services

Uni life can get tough. That's why Melbourne Uni provides individual counselling services, mental health resources and information, and help in a mental health crisis or emergency. They're located on Cardigan Street in Carlton in the Melbourne University Health Service building.

4. Melbourne University Sport

Melbourne Uni has dozens of sports clubs available for anyone who's interested, regardless of your experience or skill level. From rowing to gridiron, there's something for everyone. You can also become a member of MU Sport to receive unlimited access to the gym (including group fitness classes!) and the pool—plus you'll get discounted rates for other facilities, including the Melbourne University Ski Lodge at Mt. Buller.

5. Pill-Testing Kits

Neither The University of Melbourne nor Spoon University endorse the use of recreational drugs. Regardless, students do use illegal substances—like party drugs—and the university considers student welfare a top priority. To help students avoid taking dangerous drugs, UMSU passed a motion to have pill-testing kits available to minimise the risk of drug-related harm or death. 

Melbourne Uni knows that students sometimes have it tough and have implemented these programs and services in order to make your years at university safe and healthy. Don't hesitate to take advantage of everything on offer.