Second semester is in full swing here at IU, which means here comes the stress. Being a well-rounded individual in college seems nearly impossible sometimes. Tackling 18 credit hours, being involved in a handful of clubs on campus, a part-time job, a social life, and a little bit of sleep are all essential (in that order).

But wait, what about the gym and the fitness goals you have for spring break? Dragging yourself to another boring workout surrounded with other blank-staring cardio gods is the last thing you want to do — so don't!

If you're anything like me, an hour seems to drag during my usual workout. But that was until I discovered the group fitness classes at the Student Recreational Sports Center (SRSC) on campus. Most of the classes are free to students (including all of the ones listed here), so if you haven't tried them, it's a must before you zip up that gown and throw your cap in the air. 

1. Hip Hop Step

This class is considered to be a dance fitness class and it's my favorite for all the right reasons. "Grab a Step" is written on the sign in sheet at the door, and you're welcome to make your workout as intense as you want it to be, depending on how high you make your step.

Trust me, the amount of booty popping accompanied with the best imaginable music makes the 45 minutes fly by. Also, this class is #1 on my list because I discovered that I can "krump," a move which I have been mesmerized by ever since my first viewing of "Bring It On: All or Nothing." Nothing will top this gym experience. 

2.  Cardio Hip Hop

Channel your inner Beyonce while you're working muscles you never even knew existed. This dance fitness class encourages you to get a little funky and make the workout your own.

With the guidance of a talented instructor (whom you're completely envious of because of how easily she does every move), you'll learn that dancing isn't limited to the clubs on Saturday nights, it can be a fun, regular part of your exercise routine as well.

Feel free to sing along as you're doing the Single Ladies dance move or grapevining to that throwback tune you haven't heard in ages!

3. Zumba 

File:US Army 52862 Zumba adds Latin dance to fitness routine.jpg

Image from WikiCommons

This Latin-inspired dance fitness class is popular for all ages. Don't forget to bring all your energy and your best cha-cha! This 45-minute session is guaranteed to raise your heart rate and make any fears you might have to dance in front of others disappear.

If you're nervous to try this out for the first time, bring a friend. That way, you can laugh at each other for attempting to be Shakira instead of being timid and nervous.

4.  Cardio Kickboxing

File:Cardio Boxing Group Fitness Class.JPG

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Cardio Kickboxing is a cardio-based class with basic kickboxing techniques. Your heart rate is sure to elevate as you are running, jumping, jabbing, hooking and kicking (ass) throughout the class.

Don't worry, you don't need to know a single thing about kickboxing to have fun in this class! The hype music and empowering moves are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and fit. 

5. Bootcamp

One word: SWEAT. And I don't meant the "Man, it feels a little warm in here..," sweat, I mean the sweat is pouring down my face and I can't see the cute instructor anymore and my hair is soaking wet kind of sweat.

This strength and cardio session really is the best of both worlds — your agility and strength are tested during the rotation through the 9-10 "boot camp" stations three to four times, stopping at each station for either 30 or 45 seconds each (with a few water breaks, don't worry).

Just when you feel like you've started walking side to side, for reasons other than Ariana Grande's (LOL), you will move to the floor for a short core-strengthening session and stretching. I won't lie, this class was very challenging but also incredibly rewarding.

I might not be able to walk to class tomorrow, but hey, I burned some serious calories and pushed through the pain! Jillian Michaels would be proud.

All ages, all talent levels, no judgement. That's what the fitness classes at the SRSC are all about. All of the group fitness instructors are motivational and uplifting and really add to the overall experience; there is so much freedom and the instructors always tell each person that it is your workout and you can make it your own and as intense as you want it to be

Whether this is your last semester at IU and you're trying to cross every possible thing off your bucket list, or if you're just starting out here in Bloomington, step out of your comfort zone and attend the fitness class that appeals the most to you. Who knew getting fit could be so fun? But I'll let you thank me later.