The days of an "ideal" body type are soooo yesterday -- tbh, that's never been a thing anyways -- and people are celebrating in every way possible (and feeling both beautiful and healthy enough to give clapbacks to any haters in the way). 

Now, we have a plus size model as the host of America's Next Top Model, on Empire we saw a sex scene staring the gorgeous Gabourey Sidibe where a plus sized woman was shown as sexual in a non-comedic way, and successful and empowered women from Ariana Grande to Daisy Ridley adamantly assuring little girls everywhere there that was never such a thing as a "real woman" (ahhhh-mazing!!). 

Unfortunately, with the popularity and accessibility given to the masses by social media, body shamers still exist (and they suck, btw).

But here's to the haters: check out these 5 examples of powerful, beautiful people clapping-back and some ways you can clapback too.

1. Serena Williams

This year, there were many people who seemed to think it was their place to critique a body that has won 21 career Grand Slams. In my mind, that record should speak for itself.

While JK Rowling went into hyperdrive to defend her friend (go girl!), it was Serena herself who so eloquently shut all the haters out in an interview with ABC, "It’s me, and I love me. I learned to love me. I’ve been like this my whole life."

2.  Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Sasha Pieterse

All three stars have been shamed for putting on weight and all three responded by opening up about personal struggles they have gone though.

Selena opened up about her battle with lupus, Demi pointed out the obvious that she had gained weight after seeking treatment for bulimia and how she was happier healthier, and Sasha discussed how she was dealing with a hormone imbalance.  While they definitely didn't have to justify themselves to the haters (because its their lives and no one else's) -- we're happy to know that they've overcome some major obstacles and are beautiful, happy, and healthy the way they are.

3. Adele

If you ask me, Adele has looked amazing for forever and even though recently she's more toned now, she still constantly goes up against body-shamers.

She is an inspiration in responding every time with her trademark combination of sassy vulgarity and mountains of class. Adele herself said it best with, "I don't make music for eyes, I make music for ears.

4Whitney Way Thore

For those of you who don't know Whitney Way Thore, lemme introduce you to this incredible woman. She's the star of the TLC show My Big Fat Fabulous Lifeand, after having to deal with too much hate, she's decided to spread a little love.

She started an anti-bullying campaign inclusive of a wide variety of body types called, No Body Same or No BS.  Heck yes. 

5. And other countless Beautiful People around the world...

This year there were so many body positivity movements that have warmed hearts and raised confidence all over the world. The #RockTheCrop movement inspired by an untrue comment in O Magazine that women should try a crop top “If (and only if!) you have a flat stomach." (Btw, so false, O Mag... Not cool.) 

This and many other trends illustrated that Instagram is a power tool to combat small minds everywhere.

How can YOU clapback when needed?

Now, while we're not celebrities, there are so many ways we can clap back if some fool tries to body shame us. The easiest is to just be polite and confident and catch your bully off guard.

But in case you need some inso look no further than this article from Revelist which has some particularly sassy comebacks.

My personal favorite is in response to the question "Have you considered wearing Spanx?"- "Nope, what kind of underwear are you wearing? BOOM.

Stay positive, and keep on being your ah-mazing self.