Say the words "fitness tracker", and most of the population will automatically think of a Fitbit. In fact, the words have almost become synonymous, with any kind of fitness watch often being termed a "Fitbit", no matter its brand. But the reality is that Fitbits are expensive. So here is a guide to top three affordable fitness trackers which aren't just low in price, but are high in quality, too.

1. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

Price: From £16.95

LETSCOM fitness trackers look like Fitbits and act like Fitbits. Their lowest-range tracker includes activities like steps, distance, calories burned and sleep, as well as receiving messages and calls from your phone. All of their trackers are waterproof, as well as having a battery life of around 10 days. If you want a heart rate monitor, you'll have to fork out around £10 more, but that's still substantially cheaper than bigger brands.

2. Huawei Band 2 Pro

Price: From £49.99

Huawei is arguably a more reputable brand than LETSCOM, having already made their name in the technology brand through their budget smartphones. Their trackers have a 21 day battery life, which is actually better than your average Fitbit, despite being around £100 less. 

3. Jawbone UP

Price: From £15.86

Jawbones have rivalled Fitbits since before fitness trackers became on trend. They offer a large range of trackers, from basic pedometers that sync with your smartphone to models which imitate higher priced trackers. Jawbones don't have a watch face, so they tend to be more dainty and able to pass as jewellery than most trackers. Whilst Amazon lists the starting price for a Jawbone at £15.86, you're likely to find them in the shops for even less

There are other fitness trackers on the market for similar price tags which boast almost identical features to those like the LETSCOM band. However, these three are pick of the best and consistently rank among the top rated on Amazon and other sites. So if you're looking for a fitness tracker but don't fancy the high price of the better-known brands, try one of these!