Vices - some are nice, some are cold like ice, and others are anything but pleasant. There are some vices that we partake in more often than not without realizing it. Some vices include gambling and drinking.

However, the one that we partake in the most might be labeled as our favorite vice whether we appreciate that or not. Despite our "label" for this relationship, here is a list of 25 songs that describe such a relationship with this favorite vice

1. Thinking About You by Hardwell

There's always that chance that you wreck a friendship by ditching it for your vice, but there's also always that chance that the person that you're no longer friends with keeps thinking about you. 

2. Love & War by Yellow Claw

Giving into your relationship with your vice while trying to recover it is like love and war - you love your vice but have to fight to recover from it. 

3. Alone by Armin van Buuren

Sometimes, you probably wish that you had more alone time with your vice.

4. ILYSM by Steve Aoki

You and your vice are alone together in a room. What do you tell it? I love you so much.

5. Till It Hurts by Yellow Claw

Sometimes, all you want to do is partake in your relationship with your vice so much until you're harmed. Is that a good thing? Nope.

6. I Could Be The One [Avicii vs Nicky Romero] - Nicktim - Radio Edit by Avicii

I could be the one to try to save you and then get frustrated when you deny my help and then complain about how no one is helping you recover from your vice. 

7. Leaving You by Audien

Most of the time, those people that are trying to help you wish that they could either get your vice to leave you or make you realize that you're in a toxic relationship. 

8. Don't You Worry Child (Radio Edit) [feat. John Martin] by Swedish House Mafia

Don't you worry child, your vice will love every second of your time together.

9. Ping Pong - Hardwell Remix by Armin van Buuren

Ping pong go back and forth, just like your relationship with your vice.

10. Rebound - CRNKN Remix by Flosstradamus

Sometimes, if you recover from your relationship with your vice, you rebound with people in order to make up for the loss of your vice.

11. Invincible - Original Mix by Borgeous

Whenever you're doing your vice, you probably feel invincible.

12. Bad Reputation by Avril Lavigne

Chances are, your vice has a super shit reputation and partaking in it will then also lead to stereotypes, thus causing you to be known to have a bad reputation. 

13. Roman Holiday by Halsey

Roman holiday and vices... must I say more?

14. All of You by Betty Who

When you're addicted to your vice, you want all of it now, later, and ASAP. 

15. Untouched by The Veronicas

When you go to touch your vice, the only person you want to touch it would be yourself.

16. Afraid by The Neighbourhood

You're probably afraid as to what would happen if someone banned you from ever touching your vice ever again. 

17. Darkest Sound by Amtrac

Knowing that you're in a dark place with your vice, this song describes such a relationship in the sense that your vice has you so messed up that almost nothing can come and save you.

18. Omen - Radio Edit by Disclosure

Sometimes, you luck out and have that one omen that reassures you that everything will be alright during the dark time that you're spending with your vice. 

19. R.I.P. 2 My Youth by The Neighbourhood

Whatever your vice is, it probably has the potential to mess your life up big time.

20. Let You Go - Radio Edit by The Chainsmokers

Sometimes, if someone is trying to help you fix everything up between you and your vice; but you decide to not cooperate, the person helping you will be looking to let you go away from them without their help. 

21. Magnets by Disclosure

Whatever your vice of choice might be, it probably has you sucked into it just like a magnet attracts items to hold onto using force. 

22. Free & Lonely by X Ambassadors

If you're one to ditch your friends and family for your relationship with your favorite vice, then sooner or later, you'll end up lonely. 

23. Again by Fetty Wap

There's just something about your favorite vice that has you hooked on it, making you want it over and over again. 

24. This Summer - Maroon 5 vs. Alesso

Although summer technically starts in a few days, that doesn't mean that you can't use this summer to fix up your relationship with your favorite vice. 

25. Let Go by Beats54

Eventually, you're going to have to let go of the negativity that your favorite vice brings into your life. 

Whichever songs you may end up listening to on this playlist, make sure to take care of yourself, since by the end of the day, the only "real" person that you have in your life is yourself.