It's no secret that society is becoming more health conscious. Green smoothies have become trendy. Boxing classes have become cool. And, whether you agree with it or not, #fitspo is on the rise. So it's no surprise that regular vacations are being snubbed in favor of health retreats. Gone are the days when you lie on the beach and come back home feeling bloated and sluggish; now, you return from holiday in better shape than when you left.

Sadly, health retreats aren't friendly on the wallet. As someone that regularly drools over spa accounts on Instagram, I've made a bucketlist of wellness retreats to try that would cost me more than my university tuition. Still, a girl can dream, right? Check out these 11 health retreats for some serious holiday inspo.

1. Fonteverde (Italy)

If you're looking for a spa holiday in an ancient Medici villa, then Fonteverde is your place. Highlights include an infinity pool overlooking the Tuscan countryside, Chef Salvatore's signature mascarpone cake (which uses unrefined sugar), and natural thermal waters. Living in a castle and having people wait on you? Yeah, you're basically royalty.

Best for: luxury couple's holiday

2. Finca Bellavista (Costa Rica)

This eco-friendly accommodation will put your childhood treehouse to shame. Not only do you get to sleep in the trees at Finca Bellavista, but you can also enjoy activities like guided night hikes, yoga, and swimming in waterfalls. If you loved watching Tarzan as a kid, then these treehouses are calling your name.

Best for: adventure seekers

3. The Body Camp (Ibiza)

This week-long wellness program isn't for the faint of heart. At The Body Camp, a typical day includes a morning hike along the coast, superfood smoothies, poolside toning, and guided meditation. The camp is beloved by celebrity nutritionists like Madeleine Shaw, and rumor has it that the staff are all models. Sign me up, please.

Best for: aspiring socialites

4. Aro Hā (New Zealand)

Aro Hā markets itself as "Zen-inspired luxury," and it's hard to find anything more fitting to describe this sub-alpine facility. A typical day includes yoga, climbing mountains, and a daily massage. Meat-eaters, be warned: the cuisine is all vegetarian, so if you can't go a week without a burger, then this place isn't for you.

Best for: eco-friendly yogis

5. Miraval (Arizona)

If you're looking to get away from the busy city, there's nowhere better than Miraval; the resort is literally smack dab in the middle of the Sonoran desert. All you have to worry about is which spa treatment to pick, and whether you should spend the afternoon making cocktails or horseback riding. Sounds pretty ideal to me.

Best for: escaping the city

6. Schloss Elmau (Germany)

This hideaway in the Bavarian Alps has been voted the best destination spa by Travel + Leisure, and it's easy to see why; Schloss Elmau offers something for everyone. If you're an adrenaline junkie, you can scale mountains. If you love a good massage, there are 5+ spas to choose from. There are also concerts and yoga classes offered. Honestly, what doesn't this place have?

Best for: people that get bored easily

7. Mile High Wings (Portugal)

This company offers travel adventures for runners of all levels. Although Mile High Wings chooses a new location every year, you can be sure that scenic trail running, exploring cities, and wine tasting will always be included. Daily runs are anywhere from 5km-20km, so make sure that you're in shape enough to run the minimum distance.

Best for: city sightseers

8. Mountain Trek (British Columbia)

If you're a fan of hiking, then you'll love Nordic Fitness Trekking, which is basically hiking on steroids. Just be warned: this retreat isn't for beginners. With 3-4 hours of trekking daily plus strength training, Mountain Trek is seriously hardcore. Did I mention the 6am wake-ups and caffeine-ban? Luckily, there are protein shakes and evening massages to get you through.

Best for: diehard fitness junkies

9. Cal-a-Vie (California)

As a girl that's addicted to Zumba but wouldn't be caught dead running a half-marathon, I love that Cal-a-Vie allows you to pick and choose your holiday. No two schedules are alike. And with 100+ fitness classes at this luxury spa, you're guaranteed to find something that you love. There's even a 5:1 staff-to-guest ratio at the resort. Talk about being pampered.

Best for: #treatingyoself

10. Rancho La Puerta (Mexico)

With farm-to-table cooking classes, lazy afternoons spent sculpting, and nature walks, Rancho La Puerta feels like a separate world. There are 3000 acres for you to explore, as well as several pools and a spa. It's like a return to the past (minus the wifi in the lounges because, you know, you might need to Instagram a few pictures).

Best for: getting back to nature

11. The Body Holiday (Saint Lucia)

There's a reason that celebrity lifestyle bloggers like Niomi Smart brag about The Body Holiday. With 5-star restaurants, water-skiing, and hikes along the coastline, this all-inclusive resort really has it all. The whole idea behind the resort is to listen to your body, so if your body is telling you that you need 10 piña coladas immediately, then that's okay too.

Best for: a mix of fitness and relaxation

Even though each health retreat is unique, I love that they all focus on fresh food, physical well-being, and natural beauty. And as it turns out, your girl is heading to The Body Camp in May (will report back with whether the entire staff is models). One resort checked off, and ten to go.