It's a beautiful summer day outside and you're sitting in your office, desperate for adventure. Unfortunately, your boss probably wouldn't think it's chill if you spontaneously left to hop on a plane to Fiji or on a yacht in Cannes. Check out these travel Instagram accounts to fulfill your desires—or, at least appease the feelings of boredom. 

Check out these travel Instagram accounts to fulfill your desires, or at least appease the feelings of boredom. 

1. @thebucketlistfamily

In my next life, I wanna be one of their kids. Is that too much to ask for? I feel like it's too weird to ask them to adopt me now. The Gee Family, consisting of mom, dad, daughter (who is about 4 years old), and son (who is almost a year old), have travelled quite literally across the world. The dad, Garrett, sold his app Scan to Snapchat for $54million. Needless to say, he packed up his family and decided to take a trip (or trips) of a lifetime. They've conquered Fiji, Germany, Switzerland, Tahiti, Australia, Singapore, Nepal, Indonesia, and countless other places. Follow @thebucketlistfamily to live your life through their easily more awesome one. 

2. @MuradOsmann

If you haven't seen the #followmeto photos, or even tried to recreate them yourself, where have you been? Murad Osmann created this account with the help of his wife (his muse), to remember all of their travels. This account hits all the main points: romance, amazing clothes and accessories, and, of course, some of the most beautiful places on Earth. #Followmeto dreamland because that's where I'm at right now. Or just check out Murad's wife's account, @natalyosmann, that shows off more of her outfits, romance, and to die for trips. 

3. @TaraMilkTea

Lemme tell ya—this girl has travelled. It makes me think maybe I should drop out now and just travel. Her posts from India, Australia, and parts of Europe have me yearning to see it all. And it's not just her instas of the views—she posts photos of food in each place she travels too. If you're as big a foodie as I am, that part will really getcha. Who would say no to gelato in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome? 

4. @BeautifulDestinations

Their Instagram name says it all. If you can spend hours looking at memes, you can certainly spend hours scrolling through this page. It's one breathtaking photo after the next, all of such different places of the Earth. Whether it's city, mountains, valley, waterfall, or architecture, you'll truly appreciate the beauty in the world we live in. Disclaimer: we're not to blame if you book a ticket on a whim to one of these destinations. 

5. @gypsea_lust

Can I travel the world already? Her photos range from her wardrobe, her lifestyle, and her adorable boyfriend (who happens to be next on the list). Her Instagram bio reads "Let's Get Wander-fully Lost" and I couldn't agree more. 

6. @Doyoutravel

Boyfriend of @gypsea_lust, he seems to have a pretty good life too. They travel the world together, and I mean look, they're sitting on a beach looking at a view of Dubai. It really doesn't get better than this. The rest of their trips are even more insane, if you can believe that. 

7. @PausetheMoment

My man Ryan seems to spend his free time in literally all of the coolest places. Not to mention he can throw up a handstand just about anywhere, making for some fun, entertaining pics. Sure, the places are stunning, but he also seems like a genuinely chill guy. 9/10 chance we'd be friends. 

8. @TheBlondeAbroad

This insta is captioned "Just returned from three nights in Zambia with three of my long-time best friends!" If that doesn't make you wanna send a note out to your gc and say, "drop everything, we're going to Zambia," I'm not sure what would. Kiersten (the Blonde) left her corporate job at 22 and decided to travel the world. It seems to have worked out in her favor, seeing that Forbes named her the #2 Top Travel Influencer of 2017

9. @foodintheair

While this might not be a travel Instagram per say, it is a travel foodstagram. That's probably more important. Not only can you see the beautiful places, but you can also see the beautiful food unique to each place. Sounds like a win-win to me. 

10. @PassionPassport

Passion Passport is a collection of travel stories on each place. This gives you a little more than just a caption and location. If you're looking for an in depth telling of someone's travel experience, this is the gram to stalk. 

There you have it— the top travel instagram accounts to stalk. So, go ahead and set aside some time to live vicariously through these people who are living the dream.