Growing up with a twin can be a blessing and a curse. To have the ability to share your best and, often times, worst self, it can be a bit complex. You spend way too much time together and know way too much about each other.

For us, our parents tried their best to separate us and focus on our individual personalities. From kindergarten to eighth grade, we never had a class together. We never shared clothes and definitely never matched. We had only a select group of friends that we would both hang out with.

Marisa Palace

Yet, as the years have progressed, we have somehow finagled ourselves back together. In our junior year of high school, we have the same exact school schedule (although not on purpose), the same friend group, and the same hobbies. Despite our constant fights, we have found the true opportunity of having a sibling our own age. People used to tell us we were lucky to have a twin, and it was not until recently we could agree.

This bizarre relationship has lead us to realize some truths about being a twin. Having a twin is something that only twins can understand. It's that someone who's always there for you to push you to become better, yet the person you argue with the most. While some fraternal twins look alike, they share a lot more than just a few facial features.

1. You Answer to Your Twin's Name

At some point, you've become so accustomed to being called your twins name, you answer for them. Despite having no resemblance to one another, people somehow manage to confuse you and your twin. We have the same last name and that's it.

2. You Have Each Other's Backs from Day One

When you spend most of your childhood getting into trouble, you often take part of the blame even when you had nothing to do with what went on. On that same note, you're not ashamed to admit you'll throw them under the bust when the situation is necessary.

3. You Fight Over Nothing

Especially when you're young, the smallest thing can set off the biggest fight. You probably bare battle scars from these petty arguments. And yes, no matter what, there will always be a more aggressive twin.

4. Everything is a Competition

No matter what, you always want to be the best. However, when you are a twin, those feelings are elevated to the highest degree. Whether it's academics, sports, or looks, if your twin is good, you have to be great.

5. You Don't Agree When People Say You Look Alike

In our eyes, we don't resemble each other. Some people think we look exactly alike, others can't see if at all, but we stood side by side in a mirror, we still wouldn't see the similarities.

6. People Don't Believe You're Related

Just because we don't look exactly alike does not mean we aren't twins. We've had to prove way too many times our relationship. We are definitely not those odd BFFs that pretend to be related. Nope.

7. Inside Jokes No One Understands

When you have spent your entire lives with one another from the womb, you're destined to have some inside jokes that no one understands. Sometimes, you can even glance at your twin and somehow know what they're thinking. Twin telepathy might just be legit.

8. Everyone Asks Who's Older

For some reason, people are fascinated by who's the older twin, as if it actually mattered. Whichever twin arrived first is not necessarily the smarter, bolder, or bigger twin. We didn't fight in the womb to see who got to go first, I promise.

9. Being Known as "The Twins"

Once you and your twin are together, people never refer to the both of you as each of your names. We're no longer "Julia and Marisa". It's just the twins or the Palace's as if we are one unit. Just because we shared a womb doesn't mean we share a title.

10. You Have to Share Everything

From your birthday cake to clothes and gifts, you learn how to compromise from a young age. While annoying at times, you become very easy-going when it comes to splitting things up.

It might be hard to imagine what it would be like to have a twin if you don't have one yourself. Talking from experience, it's like having a built-in friend from day one (literally). It's having someone there who can always relate to what you are going through and help you succeed in whatever life throws at you.

So, while at times having a twin can seem inconvenient and annoying, it is something that I will always be grateful for, no matter what.