I used to think that eating before a run was a bad idea--mostly because I thought I would puke halfway through mile one. But, I've since realized that food is fuel and will actually help you run faster/farther. Here's a list of  10 breakfast ideas to fuel your next run. 

If you're in a time crunch:

These are a few options that are easy to make and quick to digest. 



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Bananas are packed with carbs that'll give you an energy boost for your run. Also--they have tons of potassium which helps maintain normal blood pressure. 

Trail Mix

Tropical Trail Mix

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With trail mix, you get a nice mix (ha) of protein and carbs. It's super easy to just grab a handful before you take off.

Whole wheat toast w/ honey

Breakfast Honey

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Some good for you grains sweetened with a little bit of honey can give you the carb boost you need for your run. 

Hard boiled egg


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Hard boiled eggs are a healthy pre-run option and are easy to prep in advance. I'll usually boil a half-dozen at the beginning of the week to snack on for the next few days.  You can grab and go before you hit the pavement to get some protein and carbs.

Apple w/ almond butter 

cider, apple
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I'm a big fan of apples with nut butter.  I recommend adding some cinnamon to (literally) spice things up.

Protein bar

Energy Bars

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Buy some at the grocery store or even ~make your own~, either way protein bars are quick, easy and trick you into thinking you're eating candy. 

If you have some time:

These options are a little bit heavier and great for longer runs.



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Oatmeal is the most underrated breakfast food. It's so good for you and you can mix in whatever your heart desires.  Oatmeal is my go-to when getting ready to go on a long run. 

Whole grain waffle w/ PB and banana

Not only is this option delicious, but it's also loaded with good carbs and protein!

Greek yogurt w/ granola

Fruit and yogurt

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I love eating greek yogurt for breakfast because it gives you a ton of protein and leaves you satisfied. The granola adds carbs that'll give you energy for your run. It's probably a good idea to eat this at least an hour before you go because it's a little heavier.

Fruit smoothie

Kale 'n Berries Smoothie

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Smoothies do take a little longer to prep/make, but if you portion out your fruit and veggies ahead of time and pop your prepped bags into the freezer, all you have to do is add your liquid of choice or yogurt! You'll get carbs from the fruit and some protein from whatever you mix in.